Wheeler Dealers: S11 E8 – Ford Thunderbird


Budget: US$25,000 (£16,326)
Purchase Price: US$24,500 (£16,000)
Final Cost: £25,120
Selling Price: £33,000
Profit/Loss: +£7,880

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Work Completed: Manual window winders replaced for electric ones while still in the U.S. Replaced seals in leaking power steering control valve. New hoses for the power steering system. Retrofitted optional Dial-o-Matic power seats. New seat covers with correct colour coding. New soft top added. Bumpers and grille rechromed. Colour-sanded the whole car instead of doing a respray. Replaced faulty fuel sender unit.

Notes: Purchased from Sonoma, California. Restoration price includes £2,500 shipping. Restored car taken to Dunsfold for display at a grand car show.

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