Wheeler Dealers: S12 E8 – DeSoto Firedome 8



Budget: US$15,000 (£9,599)
Purchase Price: US$12,500 (£7,999)
Final Cost: US$17,000 (£10,710)
Selling Price: US$23,000 (£14,811)
Profit/Loss: +£3,863

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Work Completed: Flat silver painted bumpers and brightwork rechromed. Engine heads refurbished with new valve guides, seats and polished valves, resulting in a gain of 30 bhp. Added remote controlled door opening mechanism and poppers to compensate for the shaved door handles; new 8 volt battery added for the mechanism. The dark tint on the windows was removed to give the car more appeal. New steel wheels with chrome hubcaps and whitewall tyres.

Notes: Purchased from Charlotte, North Carolina. Customised vehicle with the door handles shaved off. Restoration price includes US$750 credit from selling the original unit’s alloy wheels. Restored car taken to California’s Wine Country for its test drive. Placed on consignment to a classic car dealer, as Mike headed back to Europe.

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