Wheeler Dealers: S12 E17 – Honda S2000


Budget: £5,000
Purchase Price: £3,000
Final Cost: £4,380
Selling Price: £7,000
Profit/Loss: +£2,620

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Work Completed: Faulty oxygen sensor replaced, oil seals and O-rings replaced to fix the VTEC issue, wheels refurbished, corroded EPS rack replaced, rusted metal engine brackets refurbished using vapor blasting method, rusted alarm casing replaced, cam cover refurbished, faded headlamp lenses ground, sanded and polished, headlight washer pump replaced, aftermarket stereo head unit and gear shift knob replaced with factory units.

Notes: Rare Imola Orange colour. Previous owner wanted to restore it but gave up, according to Mike. Bought back by the previous owner at £500 over the asking price.

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