Wheeler Dealers: S13 E3 – Honda Civic CVCC


Budget: $3,000
Purchase Price: $2,000
Final Cost: $6,200
Selling Price: $14,000
Profit/Loss: +$8,000

Work Completed: Engine rebuilt and retuned, rusted area on the bottom right rear wing replaced with new sheet metal, full body respray at the Universal Technical Institute, installed oxygen sensor and tyre pressure monitor, new four-gauge dashboard pod made by fusing two units together, added vacuum and air/fuel ratio gauges.

Notes: Purchased in Los Angeles. During the episode, Mike learned the basics of hypermiling in a 2016 Honda Civic saloon. Restored car taken to a 90-mile hypermiling drive with only two gallons of petrol; the test fell short of one mile due to Mike not factoring his and Edd’s combined weight on his calculations. Sold to Honda Motors USA’s automotive museum to be used as a museum display.

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