Wheeler Dealers: S14 E4 – 1973 Saab 96


Budget: $3,500
Purchase Price: $2,800
Final Cost: $10,630
Selling Price: $11,750
Profit/Loss: +$1,120

Work Completed: Clutch replaced, door hinges re-adjusted, rusted panels cut and patched with new metal, new badges, trim, and accessories installed, damaged windscreen replaced, body resprayed in original Brilliant Yellow, ignition uprated to electronic ignition, head gasket replaced to fix exhaust leak, new interior installed.

Notes: Clutch replacement was done at the seller’s driveway. Restored car taken to a Saab owners’ convention. Sold on behalf of a buyer in New York who sent a representative to finalize the transaction. The windscreen was custom made using the windscreen from a Chevrolet Impala.

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