Wheeler Dealers: S15 E1 – Opel GT 1900


Budget: $6,000
Purchase Price: $6,000
Final Cost: $9,850
Selling Price: $13,500
Profit/Loss: +$3,650

The 1969 model GT which Mike has found features fresh body damage, a backfiring engine, shoddy brakes, and faulty headlights. Sounds like nothing Ant couldn’t easily sort out, right? Well, some of the fixes might be rather, err, interesting.

You see, the pop-up headlights on the Opel GT are quite unusual. For a start, they’re manually operated, by way of a large lever along the centre console next to the shifter. Unlike most pop-up headlights, which literally just ‘pop up’, the GT’s lights both spin clockwise in the same direction – a full 180 degrees in fact – to reveal the light assembly which was previously hidden on the underside.

One standard joke about GT owners was that you can easily spot them due to the heavy muscles on their right arm built up by using the lever to pop up the headlights.

Work Completed: Fuel filter replaced, water pump replaced, dents on front left fender pulled and filled, dents on driver’s side door repaired, brake servo replaced with bigger unit and missing vacuum line fitted, mechanical pop-up headlight mechanism replaced with new unit, car resprayed in original green colour.

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