Wheeler Dealers: Mike Brewer’s war on haters


Wheeler Dealers returned to our screens this week for Series 14, and while long-term host Mike Brewer is back, everyone’s favourite mechanic Edd China sadly is not. Following Edd’s departure, Ant Anstead took over the spanner-spinning duties and reactions from fans have been mixed.

Roughly half seemed to be pleased with the first episode, which featured a 1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, after finding out that the workshop aspect of the show hadn’t been reduced as previously feared. Brewer’s on-screen chemistry with Anstead was also praised and was described as “instant”.

“I am one of the biggest Edd fans, but #WheelerDealers is now @AntAnstead in the garage and he’s fantastic. @mikebrewer crack on! #Velocity,” Matthew J. Jowanna wrote on Twitter.

“WheelerDealers @mikebrewer @antanstead Wow! Great start to the new season! Loved that car. You both are so much fun to watch. Thank you,” Sheree Anderson added.

Some fans, on the other hand, lamented the fact that Wheeler Dealers won’t be shown on UK screens until 2018 – which is something they’d prefer to blame Brewer for personally, despite him having absolutely no say in that decision.

In the video above which was live-streamed on Facebook, Brewer said he was ‘disappointed’ that Wheeler Dealers won’t be shown outside of America in the short term. “That’s got nothing to do with us, it is way above our pay-grade,” he said. “We don’t have say in it, we don’t even know it’s going to happen – and that’s the absolute truth.”

“We’re desperate for this show to be shown in our home territory, which is the UK. We can’t wait for that,” he added.

Understandably, the decision to delay the airing of Wheeler Dealers on UK screens until 2018 hasn’t gone down well with fans – who fear that the show has become too ‘Americanised’ and the original British fanbase ignored as a result. But Brewer has never been one to shy away from an argument on social media and regularly responds to criticism directed at the show.

In light of recent events, Brewer took a moment to reach out to all the haters. “There’s a lot of hate in the world. You think about what’s going on in the world, either in London, in Paris, in Vegas recently,” he said. “There’s a lot of hate in the world. So just try to spread a little bit of love.”

“It’s a car show and it’s all about the cars. That’s all we do.”


  1. At the end of the day it’s just a TV program with all parties trying to produce their own visions of entertainment. I for one respect that & wish all parties the best of luck.

  2. This is definitely the downside of earning a global audience! 138 million fans is absolutely incredible. But their upset at Edd leaving is understandable, but not an excuse for being so hateful toward Mike or anybody else. Like his facebook post says – give it a try. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. I’ll certainly be watching!

  3. The first two shows were enough for me. Mike hugging everyone like they are long lost friends. Edd was the show, they made him a tv start and didnt like the results. So they should have fix it. I wont be watching anymore of the new series. AMF

  4. I wanted to hate the show and really dislike Ant, since I am a huge Edd fan. However after seeing the first 2 episodes I must admit that I like Ant, and that the show is absolutely watchable. I am not sure if I still like Mike, but Ant is not a bad addition to the show. What would have made it really great was adding a second mechanic like Edd and have them cooperate and thwo ideas to eachother on what to do With the cars. That would also allow them to take on bigger jobs.

  5. Nothing last forever and its plain to see Edd had lost interest in the job during season 13. Just how anyone can put the blame on Mike is ridiculous, he may be a bit over the top for some, but he does what he is paid to do, and does it well. The first show is aired on Monday in the UK, and I for one will be watching. Ant is a very good mechanic and I would even say better than Edd. If you can remember back to the early WD’s, Edd did some very dodgy repairs, and I know he didnt have the budget, but they were poor. A good example was the Capri wing he sprayed, which was a dozen shades out. If you looked closely at some of the finished work, the rust spots on exhausts, wing mirrors, chrome tail pipes, wheel nuts and bumpers could have easily been polished out with little or no cost. Ant did some fantastic work on his last TV series and I am sure he wouldnt have allowed things like that to leave the workshop, only time will tell. So grow up and stop acting like Edd with his petulant child opinions.

    • Wheeler Dealers is Mike’s baby and he’ll fight to the death to defend the show. That is completely understandable and we don’t blame him, but it certainly does fire up the haters and doesn’t really help things in the long run.

    • I’m not sure why you’re accusing Edd of petulant child opinions when as far as I can see he has acted very much like an adult and has moved on while Mike is the one constantly playing the blame game and saying nasty things that there’s no need for. And how do you know Ant wouldn’t have had to cut corners himself if he’d been on in the early days of WD, you don’t. Apart from the budget there were probably time constraints.

  6. It may be as you say ‘Brewer’s show’ but in all honesty what does he bring to the table other than an constantly irritating pseudo cockney personality who, despite having a massively overinflated opinion of his own abilities could not sell a life belt to a drowning man.
    As for his role he repeats the same half dozen or so stock phrases each week. Dare I suggest an answering machine could fill in for him.

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