‘Who’s the traitor?’ Mike Brewer fires shot at Edd China for leaving Wheeler Dealers


Long time Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer is never one to shy away from an argument, and the latest wave of criticism directed at Wheeler Dealers since the shock departure of Edd China has certainly been keeping him busy. But as is usually the way on social media, things can be said in the heat of the moment which one might later regret. Well, this is one of those times.

Responding to a fan on Twitter who suggested that he “ignore the haters”, Brewer replied “Hallelujah.. at last a true fan speaks.”

This caught the attention of @x44dav, who questioned Brewer’s intentions. “So people that stick up for @TheEddChina aren’t true fans? Only people who blow smoke up your arse are true fans?? Says it all. #knifeinback,” he wrote.

In a tweet which was deleted soon after, Brewer hit back.

“Edd left, didn’t say, just abandoned the show and then trashed it after 13 years… who’s the traitor?” – Mike Brewer

Clearly wishing to choose his words more carefully, Brewer followed up with a more measured reply. “Edd Left and didn’t say, yes your right I’m still pulling the knife from my back!”

According to China, his decision to leave Wheeler Dealers was due to the production company’s decision to ‘dumb down’ the very thing which made the show successful in the the first place – in-depth coverage of the fixes performed on the cars in the workshop. Not only are these pieces rather difficult to film, but they’re also time-intensive and as a result more expensive.

Discovery’s decision angered fans, resulting in Brewer being on the receiving end of their venom – which even came in the form of death threats to him and other members of his family.

Brewer has also publicly countered China’s claims that Discovery plans to reduce the workshop aspect of the show in the upcoming season. “There’s no way on earth that anyone has ever suggested that the mechanical content of the show is going to be reduced,”¬†Brewer said. “Where that came from, I don’t know. It is not going to be reduced, Discovery channel are not going to change the format one iota.”

“I’ve got a great new co-host, we’re re-booting the series and it’s going to be phenomenal,” he added.



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