Australia to receive STI-enhanced Subaru Forester
In case you missed our review last month, we’re pretty big fans of the Subaru Forester. We loved its “go anywhere” toughness and dependability, refined drivetrain and the fact that it still excelled as being a supremely comfortable family SUV day-to-day. Locally in Australia, the hottest Forester you can... Read more
2016 Subaru Forester 2.5i-S EyeSight Review
For those of us who have reached middle age, you could say there’s probably one thing you hate being reminded of the most. You’re getting old. We already have things which remind us about this on a daily basis. Perhaps a new wrinkle that wasn’t there yesterday, hair which... Read more
Subaru Forester gets a facelift
Now more than ever, it is important that automotive manufacturers ensure their vehicles feature the latest technological advancements, engineering and up-to-the-minute styling. Often a cheap way to do this is to facelift an existing model mid-cycle – a bit of botox to help the ageing looks, some added equipment... Read more


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