Best Super Bowl 2016 car ads


The Super Bowl is a big deal for car manufacturers, and it is common for them to spend millions of dollars producing the best and most funny advertisements they can make. Here’s a look at the ads which aired during the 2016 game – they’re some of the best car ads you’ll see.


2016 Hyundai Genesis – First Date

US comedian Kevin Hart plays an overbearing father in this funny advertisement which showcases the car tracking function of the Hyundai Genesis.


Honda NSX – What He Said

David Lee Roth riffing with the all-new Honda (Acura) NSX’s 3.5-litre turbo V6 providing the vocals? You can almost see the Super Bowl crowd bobbing their heads in admiration.


Audi R8 Big Game Commercial

When a retired astronaut’s passion begins to wane, his son rocks up with a V10-powered Audi R8. With David Bowie’s Starman playing in the background it is a bit of a sentimental ad, but very powerful.


2016 Kia Optima | Walken Closet “Big Game” Ad

There’s something compelling about Christopher Walken delivering a slow monologue about anything, even a Kia Optima especially when he appears mysteriously in a bloke’s ‘Walken’ wardrobe.


Toyota Prius – Heck on Wheels

How do you make a Toyota Prius hybrid car sexy? You don’t – you embrace its dorkiness, which is exactly what Toyota has done.


MINI – Defy Labels

Shock value rules the day in this powerful creation from MINI. Starring the likes of Tony Hawk, Serena Williams, Harvey Keitel and several other famous sports stars, it brings a level of maturity and gravitas to the brand that’s rarely easy to do, crushing stereotypes in one fell swoop.


Subaru Dog Tested

Subaru of America reckons its cars are all ‘dog tested’ and while this TV ad features dogs attempting to use voice control, it has broad-spectrum appeal – not just for dog lovers.

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