Jay Leno shows us his newly-restored 1969 Lamborghini Espada


After 30 years of ownership and one mechanical rebuild, Jay gives his 1969 Lamborghini Espada a cosmetic restoration and is ready to show you why this car was once known as the Italian Rolls Royce. The Espada set Leno back $26,000 in 1986, when he considered buying a Ferrari 330 GTC. The Ferrari was $2,500 more, so he picked the Lamborghini. Now, that 330 GTC is a $1m+ car, and the Espada? Not so much, although they are appreciating. Don’t cry too much for Leno, he turned out all right.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Sean has loved cars his entire life. At 21 he launched the popular 80’s Falcon forum xFalcon.com, then at 24 created TopGearbox.com, one of the most popular Top Gear fansites in the world.