Jay Leno’s 1950 Mercedes Benz Racecar Transporter


Jay Leno’s insanely huge car collection contains some very weird and very cool cars, and his Mercedes-Benz transporter might just be the weirdest and coolest one he’s got.

According to Leno, this is a replica of a high-speed transport truck Mercedes used for its racing program back in the SL’s glory days. The original would do 108 miles per hour, which is amazing for a vehicle of this size and layout. And remember, it carried that speed with a racecar on its back, allowing the mechanics to take the car back to the factory for service quickly. The key to this frankly blistering speed was the original truck’s engine – a 3.0L straight-six from the SL.


  1. That thing looks like an absolute deathtrap with the driver seated ahead of the front axle and 3000# pounds of race car sitting behind him.

    • Do you really think Jay Leno is worried about auto safety when he owns 200 cars like this one , dating back to 1900 or so ?

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