Mighty Car Mods: The $3000 Turbo Challenge
The boys from Mighty Car Mods embark on new budget car challenge. The rules are they each have $3000 to buy a car in Australia that must have a turbocharged engine with a manual gearbox. It also must be a car that they’ve never owned before. The series is... Read more
Mighty Car Mods: Nissan Stagea V8 twin-turbo build
In this new series from Mighty Car Mods, we’re following Mechanical Stig and Turbo Yoda as they perform an engine conversion and turbocharge of a Nissan C34 Stagea with GTR Front End and now… a Nissan VH41 V8. Read more
Mighty Car Mods: How to build a ‘sleeper’
The Mighty Car Mods boys embark on an ambitious project to build an epic sleeper with a 1000% increase in power… Read more
Mighty Car Mods: Supercharging The Mini
Follow the Mighty Car Mods boys as they kick off a modification they’ve never done before – Supercharging a classic Mini Cooper. They’ve got a long way to go (literally) and a lot to learn as they start assembling all the parts they’re going to need for this epic... Read more


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