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Clarkson drives a Corvette ZR1 as The Grand Tour heads Stateside

It looks like The Grand Tour team is heading Stateside for at least the second time for Series 3, with Jeremy Clarkson publishing photos of the latest trip on his Instagram. The photos show Clarkson sampling one of America’s fastest supercars, before the boys change into a very different gear.

In a video posted on Clarkson’s Instagram, The Grand tour frontman can be seen driving a white 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 supercar through rural America while listening to The Who – Behind Blue Eyes.

Clarkson’s comment accompanying the video simply said “I like driving sometimes” – which is understandable when you consider the ZR1’s 6.2L LT5 supercharged V8 pumps out 755hp and can sprint from 0 – 60mph in less than 3-seconds, and on to a 10.8-second 133.1mph quarter mile. Even more amazing is the 110hp required to simply spin the supercharger up to 15,860 rpm to make peak boost pressure of 13.96 psi near redline. POWER!!

In another photo from Clarkson’s Instagram, we can also see Richard Hammond and James May are along for the ride in what looks like an old American motorhome. With May behind the wheel, we can expect it to be even slower than usual – which might explain why Hammond and Clarkson are playing cards.

Clarkson later joked about all the interesting names which motorhome manufacturers give their vehicles, and how they’d all be improved if you put the word “Anal” in front of them.

It isn’t known at this stage when The Grand Tour Series 3 will kick off, but a November / December 2018 start is a safe bet. We can’t wait!

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