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James May: Jeremy Clarkson is ‘rather womanly’

James May is gearing up for the return of the second series of The Grand Tour, and during a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph decided to poke fun at Jeremy Clarkson for being a bit feminine. The show faced criticism in some quarters earlier this week after unveiling an all-male celebrity guest list including Hugh Bonneville and David Hasselhoff.

But May brushes it off, explaining: “It’s only an all-male environment because we happen to be blokes, although I think Jeremy is rather womanly in some respects. If you look closely, some of his body language is quite feminine.”

“Me, I’m a lesbian: I find women fascinating,” he added.

May also went on to drop a potential bombshell, after suggesting that The Grand Tour’s new racing driver is female. “We tested loads of people and she was the fastest and the best and that’s how it should be,” he said. “To employ her for any other reason would be patronising.”

Last week, Clarkson hit out out driverless cars and said that one had tried to kill him twice, but May says they are the future, and soon driving a car manually will be the “preserve of hobbyists”.

“It will be an elitist, expensive pastime, like sailing boats,” he suggests. “And there’s nothing wrong with elitism; people don’t riot in the streets because they haven’t got a catamaran.”

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