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Clarkson responds to criticism of The Grand Tour Episode 2

As we reported yesterday, the second episode of The Grand Tour received rather mixed reviews. Some people loved it, some people hated it, others simply fell asleep and some even started skipping through the show to speed it up a bit – which is sadly what I ended up doing towards the end of Operation Desert Stumble. Though it was rather fittingly named, I thought.

The negative reviews which flooded Facebook, Twitter and Reddit did not fall on deaf ears however, and Jeremy Clarkson has used their new automotive social media website DRIVETRIBE to respond to the criticism levelled at the episode.

“Hello everyone. Show two of the Grand Tour is very car light, and that happens again in the Barbados film later in the series. We do this on purpose to entertain the countless people who invariably say, when I sit next to them at a party, ‘I like your show but why do you put cars on it?’” – Jeremy Clarkson

Sound familiar? It should – because it is the same logic Clarkson and his executive producer friend Andy Wilman have used in the past to defend Top Gear. Their argument is that every petrolhead who tunes in to view car related content with a smattering of Clarkson, Hammond and May’s humor, several others are watching the show purely for a laugh and don’t care whether cars are featured or not. So with that in mind, The Grand Tour team have woven a few episodes into the first series to accomodate these viewers.

Did you love it or hate it? Please let us know in the comments area below.

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