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The Grand Tour Game confirmed release date & new trailer

Amazon is now taking pre-orders for The Grand Tour Game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and as a sort of by-product of this we also now have a confirmed release date and new trailer to take a look at.

You’ll be able to play The Grand Tour Game on January 15th 2019 – or three days before the launch of The Grand Tour Series 3. It is available to pre-order now for roughly half the price of what you’d typically expect to pay for a AAA-grade title.

Created by Amazon Game Studios, The Grand Tour Game will be released in weekly instalments to coincide with the latest episodes of The Grand Tour – allowing players to experience the cars, locations, and surprises from each week’s episode all for themselves. The game will let fans drive the world’s most interesting cars, and most importantly participate in the show’s outrageous challenges.

Some fans of The Grand Tour expressed their doubts about the game when it was first announced, but even they’ll have to admit that it’s certainly looking a lot better in the latest trailer above. However, those who are after an ultra-realistic driving experience will probably need to lower their expectations, as we are expecting¬†The Grand Tour Game to be a completely arcade-like driving experience with a heavy focus on fun. This makes complete sense when you think about it, seeing as the show is mostly about messing about in expensive machinery anyway.

Rather fittingly, a four-player split-screen mode will be included in the game – allowing players to race head-to-head and hurl their best insults at each other in-person. Cheeky power-ups will be available, such as ‘High Tea’, which spills tire-shredding cups and saucers, and ‘More Horsepowers’ which will allow you to blow past the competition.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering The Grand Tour Game, head on over to the PlayStation or Xbox Games Store. The price you’ll need to pay will obviously depend on your region, so be sure to check it out.

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