The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour to air on Australian TV from next week

Earlier this month we revealed that Australia’s Seven Network / Channel 7 became the first free-to-air TV station in the world to secure broadcast rights to one of Amazon Prime’s most popular shows – The Grand Tour. At the time their announcement stated that the show would simply be coming in “October”, but now we’ve finally got an exact air date.

Seven announced today that the first series of The Grand Tour will have its Australian free-to-air TV premiere on Wednesday 18th October at 7:30pm AEST. This release date roughly coincides with the launch of the show’s second series on Amazon Prime Video.

Seven’s initial announcement came just weeks after a boss of the streaming giant refused to rule out the possibility of that happening. Last month Amazon’s Roy Price was asked if he would ever “rule out” selling repeats of the show featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May – and said that he would not, but added that he was pleased with its performance on his service and wanted more series.

“I would expect more down that road. That show has the scale that we’re looking for ideally… I would take four more of those any day,” he said.

Confirmation that Amazon has already started selling the rights to The Grand Tour to broadcasters around the world raises the intriguing prospect of Clarkson and Co returning to terrestrial television in Britain. There’s even the potential for the show to air on the BBC. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

At this stage, only Australian viewers will be able to watch the first season of The Grand Tour for free on Channel 7 when the episodes begin to air on October 18th, but we expect similar announcements to be made by television networks around the world – especially those in countries where Top Gear used to be popular.

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