Top Gear Series 11

Top Gear: Series 11, Episode 6

  • James stays on in Japan to test the Mitsuoka Orochi & Mitsuoka Galue III.
  • Richard power tests the Gumpert Apollo.
  • Britain VS Germany: TopGear VS D Motor.
  • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Jay Kay.

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Review: James conducts two road tests in Japan, on the Mitsuoka Orochi and the Galue. He is impressed in both of the cars by their stylish look and the attention to detail on the making of a good VIP car. The test of using the Galue to chauffeur two Sumo wrestler VIPs does not end well however, with James’ driving upsetting the passengers.

Review: Richard tests the Gumpert Apollo and talks about the strange look, adjustable suspension system, fixed seats and the enormous power from a twin-turbo 4.2L V8 engine mounted at the middle. The Stig clocks a 1:17.1 on the test track, beating the record set by the Ascari A10. Hammond is unable to put the time at the top of the board due to his height so decides to try a run up but ends up knocking the whole Power lap board over and wrecking it.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Jay Kay achieved the fastest time around the track; beating Simon Cowell, with a time of 1:45.81. It was the third time both the Power Lap and the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car record times fell on the same show. The previous two occurrences were in series 7, Episode 4, when both records were beaten by the Pagani Zonda and Ellen MacArthur and in series 10, Episode 5, for the Caparo T1 and Simon Cowell respectively. However, the Caparo was disallowed from the board due to its ride height.

Challenge: Britain v Germany. A series of car challenges deciding the best motoring country. The German team was made up of the presenters of German motoring show D Motor (Sabine Schmitz, Carsten van Ryssen and Tim Schrick), while Jeremy, James, and Richard made up the British Team. The challenges were set on the Zolder circuit, in Belgium. In the challenges the British team only managed to win two (the drag race and the off-road racing) and lost in the “double-decker” race, autocross and the Mini challenge. The Top Gear team managed to salvage victory in the final challenge, a two-lap race between two racing cars (an Aston Martin DBRS9 and a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup), by passing the Stig off as James May, despite the scepticism of their opponents.

Some say…

“Some say that it’s impossible for him to wear socks, and he can open a beer bottle with his testes. All we know is he’s called the Stig.”

Stig Power Laps

Gumpert Apollo

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

Jay Kay


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