Top Gear Series 6

Top Gear: Series 6, Episode 5

  • James road tests the Nissan Murano.
  • Jeremy tests an Aston Martin DB5 & Jaguar E-Type.
  • Richard road tests the Maserati Coupé.
  • Jeremy attempts to outrun snipers in a Porsche Boxster S and Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG.
  • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Damon Hill.

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Review: James May takes a Nissan Murano to Hertfordshire and after an overall favourable review he concurs with Clarkson that the only thing he does not like about the car is the looks. Especially the front grille reminds Clarkson of the James Bond villain Jaws. Its positive points include comfort, ease of driving, and most of all extreme quietness.

News: The new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX is the same car as its predecessor, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII. Lamborghini introduces a spyder version of the Gallardo, James May promotes a retro-styled hand-free phone and the bold new Citroën C6 is in the studio.

Review: Clarkson returns to the 1960s to define cool with the Aston Martin DB5 and a Jaguar E-type. In standard, antique form they are terrible to drive, unreliable, extremely expensive, and slower in a drag race than a 2.4 litre Honda Accord. But he also recommends that nearly all of these problems can be overcome by spending somewhat more money on a modernised and updated version. The Stig takes both of them around the track; the original DB5 is the slowest car ever at 1:46, while the modernised E-type sets the same time as a V6-engined Audi TT at 1:32.

Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car: 1996 F1 World Champion Damon Hill tries to disprove the claims that he is the Stig, then talks to Clarkson about the 2005 United States Grand Prix 6-car fiasco; they discuss the bad tastes in cars of people that “have lived at 300 mph” (Hill’s car at the moment was an Audi A3). Hill’s time of 1:46.3 starts the F1 drivers’ board.

Review: Richard Hammond drives the new Maserati Coupé, known as the Gran Sport, and attempts to get around the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Varano de’ Melegari, Italy, faster than former F1 and BTCC driver Gabriele Tarquini. Hammond was four seconds a lap slower than Tarquini, which subsequently meant the latter would have, in an 70-lap race, lapped him five times.

Greatest Driving Song of All Time: For the remainder of the series, May will be presenting five songs the viewers nominated to find out what song is the “Greatest Driving Song of All Time.” This week, it is Golden Earring’s “Radar Love”.

Challenge: Snipers of the Irish Guards try to shoot Clarkson, as he drives the new Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG and Porsche Boxster S around a deserted village.

Some say…

“Some say that his breath smells of magnesium, and that he’s scared of bells. All we know is he’s called the Stig.”

Stig Power Laps

Aston Martin DB5

Jaguar E-Type

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

Damon Hill


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