The “Once Over” – Cleaning Up My Ford Falcon BA XR6 Turbo!
Today we’re giving my Ford Falcon BA MkII XR6 Turbo a “once over”! This is something I like to do with every new (used) car I purchase. Simple, easy, and you can get some awesome results for not a lot of time and effort. Read more
Cleaning Your Engine… With Tyre Foam?
Looking for a cheap & easy way to clean up your engine bay? How about using Tyre Foam? Check out this video to learn more about this cheap and easy method. Read more
Ford NC Fairlane Ghia Chrome Body Moulding and Rear Garnish Upgrades
Today I’m giving the NC Fairlane’s rear end a bit of an update, to fix two issues that have always annoyed me. More specifically, the faded and damaged chrome body moulding strip, and the ‘Fairlane’ badge which is stuck onto the rear garnish. Luckily the chrome body moulding strip... Read more
Fixing the Headliner on an AU Falcon DIY Repair Guide
Today we’re fixing the one thing about my AU Falcon that annoyed me the most – the saggy headliner! The plan – remove my existing saggy headlining, strip off all the old material and foam, and then replace it with some new headliner fabric from eBay. As it turns... Read more
Removing Cigarette Smell from Your Car
Does your car have a smell that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Today I’m having a crack at fixing exactly that. Did you that the smell in your car is mostly trapped in soft and porous surfaces, like the seats, carpets and also the headlining? So... Read more
Converting Your Car to Electric Thermo Fans – Davies Craig Digital Fan Switch
Today we’re removing the standard mechanical viscous-clutch engine fan from my 1993 Ford NC Fairlane and converting it to electric thermo fans! The reason? The stock engine fan on these cars sound horrendous on hot days – it’s one of the worst sounds ever when it comes to cars.... Read more
PDR Paintless Dent Repair for Beginners
Today we’re attempting to pull a dent out of the front guard of my Holden VT Calais. Let’s see how we go! I’ve never pulled a dent out of a car before, but today I’m giving it a go with a cheap dent puller tool I purchased off eBay. Read more
Car Exterior Detailing on a Budget – The Cheap & Easy Way!
Looking for a cheap & easy way to clean your car’s dirty exterior? Well here you go! Read more
How To Clean Your Car’s Interior – The Cheap & Easy Way!
Looking for a cheap & easy way to clean your car’s dirty interior? Well here you go! Read more
Can You Polish a Turd?
Can you polish a turd? We attack our rough-as-guts Ford AU Fairmont Ghia and attempt to make it look respectable again. Read more