VLOG: BA & AU Falcon Update + Bonus Forscan, Haltech Config & Power Steering Flush
Today I am catching up on a few things. Come hang out. Read more
Why Don’t Cars Have Phone Holders Anymore? The BA Falcon Phone Presenter Accessory from 2002!
Today we’re checking out a fairly rare factory accessory for the Ford BA Falcon – a Phone Holder / Presenter! Can we successfully modify it to work with a modern smartphone? Is it better than the AU Falcon’s awesome phone presenter? Stick around and find out. Read more
How Does it Drive on a Base Tune? Haltech PRO Plug-In for Ford Falcon BA – BF FG & FGX Barra Turbo
So how well will your Barra-powered Falcon run on Haltech’s base tune? Today we’re finding out by taking my MkII BA XR6 Turbo out for a spin with the newly installed Haltech PRO Plug-In running the show. Read more
Should You Buy an Aerpro or Kayhan ICC For Your Ford BA / BF Falcon? Android Headunit Upgrade
Should you buy an aftermarket ICC for your BA/BF Falcon, or SX/SY Territory? I decided to weigh in on the topic with a warning! Read more
Why my Barra Turbo refused to run after a 1000cc Bosch Injector Upgrade on a Haltech Pro Plug-in ECU
Basically, it turns out I’m a noob. But I’m learning. Read more
Your Car, Your Rules. Why listening to the Internet isn’t always a good idea.
Why have I chosen some of the most expensive parts for what will be a relatively mild Barra turbo build? Here’s a quick video explaining my thoughts behind the choices – and why it is important to not let people on the internet decide what you should be doing... Read more
Top Tip: Read Error Codes with FORscan! The Ultimate Ford Falcon OBDII Reader & Reset Tool
Today we’re taking a quick look at a neat little tool called FORscan! This app allows you to connect to your Falcon’s ECU (from AU onwards) and read error codes to help diagnose problems, plus reset or reconfigure all of the different models within the vehicle. Read more
Ford XR6 Turbo Piggyback ECU Removal – Pulling the Pig off the Barra!
Today we’re taking one step backwards… so we can take a huge leap forward in the near future. Undoing the damage, and removing the super old-school Redcliffe Dyno RDP piggyback ECU which has been in this car for at least the past 10 years. Nobody tunes these things anymore,... Read more
June Update + Wheel Pickup. Where have I been?
Sorry for the delay! I’ve been busy learning to be a Dad! Come for a drive and find out what’s been happening, and also what’s coming up in the near future. Plus, we’re picking up a set of wheels off Facebook Marketplace! Read more
Ford BA Falcon + KFC Review 🍔🍗🍟
Today we’re looking at the Ford BA Falcon whilst eating some KFC 👌 Read more