Jay Leno checks out the original KITT from ‘Knight Rider’


Joe Huth owns one of the original cars from the series “Knight Rider”. Not a replica, not one that looks like it – the actual one!

According to the show, KITT is essentially an advanced supercomputer on wheels. The “brain” of KITT is the Knight 2000 microprocessor which is the centre of a “self-aware” cybernetic logic module that allowed KITT to think, learn, communicate and interact with humans. He always had an ego that was easy to bruise and displayed a very sensitive, but kind and dryly humorous personality. He also has an in-dash entertainment system that can play music and video, and run various computer programs including arcade games which Michael sometimes indulged in while KITT was driving.

Jay and Joe discuss the history of the car in the video above and share insider details about its construction and history.

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