The Proper Way to Add AUX or Bluetooth to a BA/BF Falcon!

DIY Guides Oct 15, 2020 0

Want to add AUX or Bluetooth to your BA or BF Falcon? Don’t be fooled by the cheap AUX or Bluetooth adapters on eBay – they’ll “do the job” but your music will be VERY quiet and with background... Read more

Fixing BA Falcon Bumper Sag for $2.50… With a Pool Noodle?

DIY Guides Oct 8, 2020 0

Is the front bumper on your Falcon looking a little bit droopy? Let me... Read more

Barra Intake Mods! Installing Under-Headlight Intake Snorkel, Air Filter and Oil Catch Can on XR6T

DIY Guides Oct 1, 2020 1

Looking to open up the intake of your stock BA XR6 Turbo? Here’s a... Read more

Big Mac VS Big Jack! McDonald’s VS Hungry Jack’s Ford AU Falcon Mobile Office Meals

Mobile Office Meals Sep 24, 2020 0

Today we’re trying the new Hungry Jack’s “Big Jack” burger! Does it stack up... Read more

Barra Misfire! Replacing Coil Packs & Spark Plugs on my BA XR6 Turbo

DIY Guides Sep 15, 2020 0

So my BA Falcon XR6 Turbo developed a bit of a misfire at idle... Read more
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