Top Tip: Read Error Codes with FORscan! The Ultimate Ford Falcon OBDII Reader & Reset Tool

Other Videos Aug 19, 2021 0

Today we’re taking a quick look at a neat little tool called FORscan! This app allows you to connect to your Falcon’s ECU (from AU onwards) and read error codes to help diagnose problems, plus reset or reconfigure all... Read more

Ford XR6 Turbo Piggyback ECU Removal – Pulling the Pig off the Barra!

Other Videos Aug 18, 2021 0

Today we’re taking one step backwards… so we can take a huge leap forward... Read more

Barra Turbo Oil Feed Line Bracket & Sway Bar Bushes

DIY Guides Aug 13, 2021 0

Today we’re installing an Aeroflow oil feed line bracket to suit Barra turbo engines... Read more

Door Lock Actuator Repair for Ford AU, BA & BF Falcon!

DIY Guides Aug 12, 2021 0

So I recently found out that the rear door on my BA Falcon doesn’t... Read more

Barra Turbo Oil Feed Line – Every Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Needs This RIGHT NOW!

DIY Guides Aug 3, 2021 0

If your XR6 Turbo doesn’t have an aftermarket oil feed line for the turbocharger,... Read more
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