Balancing the Barra – Ford BA Falcon Harmonic Balancer Replacement!

Other Videos Jul 22, 2021 0

Today we’re finishing off the drive belt install on my Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo. A worn out harmonic balancer was responsible for pulling the drive belt forward – by such an amount that it was rubbing on the... Read more

Ford BA Falcon Tensioner, Pully and Drive Belt Replacement.

Other Videos Jul 15, 2021 0

Today we’re replacing the drive belt, tensioner and idler pully on my BA Falcon... Read more

The Best Barra Turbo Exhaust? Venom Turbo-Back Exhaust for Ford Falcon BA/BF XR6 Turbo & FPV Typhoon

DIY Guides Jul 7, 2021 0

Join me as I install what is arguably one of the best value aftermarket... Read more

BA XR6 Turbo Front End Cleanup – Intercooler, Lower Grille & Fog Light Covers

DIY Guides Jul 1, 2021 0

In this episode I put on my safety thongs and finish up the intercooler... Read more

Barra Turbo Intercooler Upgrade! PWR Intercooler for BA/BF Falcon XR6 Turbo

DIY Guides Jun 24, 2021 0

Looking for the largest return flow intercooler upgrade for your Ford BA/BF Falcon XR6... Read more
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