Ford BA/BF Falcon Aftermarket Side Indicators – Ozeparts LED Sequential Flashers

DIY Guides Mar 26, 2022 0

Today we’re looking at a pair of aftermarket LED Indicators which are available from Ozeparts for Ford BA/BF Falcon. Guard Flasher AM LED Sequential Type: Fog Lamp Assembly (LED Halo Ring): Read more

Hunting for AU Falcon Rare Accessories – Hidden door pockets from a Series 1 Fairlane!

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My quest to find all the rare (but still attainable) AU Falcon accessories continues,... Read more

How to Check and Maintain Your Car Battery! Monitor the voltage and replace before it is too late

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Car batteries are one of the most overlooked items when it comes to car... Read more

My Car History – Every Single Car I’ve Ever Owned!

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Today we’re running through every single car I’ve ever owned over the years, plus... Read more

Does Hiclone Fuel Saver Actually SAVE YOU FUEL?

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Fuel is expensive, I get it. But do fuel savers like Hiclone actually save... Read more
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