Top Gear shuts out journalists from launch
After enduring months of claims that he has bullied staff and become “out of control”, new Top Gear host Chris Evans has finally managed to get one back on his critics in the press, by blacklisting most national newspapers from the show’s launch event, and telling the hand-picked journalists... Read more
Rory Reid says Clarkson fanboys need to ‘grow up and move on’
The new version of Top Gear is just four days away from gracing our screens, and in a recent interview with CarThrottle, new co-presenter Rory Reid had a few things to say about his experience thus far.   We’re now four days away from your on-screen debut as a... Read more
Help us celebrate the Month of May
Join us in celebrating a true gentleman in the world of automotive journalism, James May. His floral shirts are infamous, his laugh is infectious, and he always likes to begin with “Hello”. We’re paying tribute to May for the entire month of May, and we’ll post up a new... Read more
Chris Harris talks about life on the new Top Gear
Last year when fracas-gate was in full-swing, YouTube star Chris Harris went on record saying that the BBC would be “absolutely mad” for trying to continue the show with different presenters. “Does TG work without Jeremy? Probably not. Does it work without Richard and James too – absolutely not,”... Read more
Sabine Schmitz isn’t worried about Top Gear relaunch
There’s plenty of pressure on the BBC to delivery with their new series of Top Gear, but one person who isn’t worried is Sabine Schmitz – the sole female host on the new show, which debuts at the end of May. “There’s no pressure for us because we’re not... Read more
Top Gear’s audience told to ‘forget how show used to look’
The studio segments for the first episode of Top Gear, which is due to be broadcast on Sunday May 29th, were filmed this week at Dunsfold Park – with new presenter Chris Evans telling the bigger studio audience to ‘forget about the previous look of the show’. The format... Read more
New Top Gear teaser and ‘Star in a Rallycross Car’
The Top Gear team have released a third teaser trailer for Series 23, giving us a glimpse of Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc enjoying some downtime in the Top Gear office. The new teaser also features a Jaguar E-Type, Rolls-Royce Dawn, Ford Mustang, Ferrari F12tdf and the Aston Martin Vulcan. At... Read more
Top Gear’s first episode – Brad Pitt pulls out
Brad Pitt has reportedly pulled out of the first episode of Top Gear, which left Chris Evans and the Top Gear team scrambling around to find a replacement this week due to filming schedules. Pitt will now be replaced with Batman vs Superman star Jesse Eisenberg, with British TV... Read more
LeBlanc hopes to help Top Gear’s US popularity
New Top Gear co-host Matt LeBlanc has likened Top Gear’s global success to being a bit like soccer – in that it is a huge deal everywhere on earth, except in the U.S. But there’s a feeling behind the scenes of the show that he might be able to... Read more
Top Gear’s Chris Evans is preparing for ‘imminent career death’
Top Gear host Chris Evans says his experience on Top Gear has given him a long overdue wake-up call regarding the future of his career. “I am a realist hoping for the best, while preparing for potential imminent career death,” he wrote in the Mail On Sunday’s Event magazine.... Read more


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