Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.0L TD4 Diesel SE Review
Everybody loves a Land Rover because they are in two simple words ‘brilliant machines’. Right from the beginning in 1948 it has been the iconic symbol for anyone who wanted a vehicle that could not only be used as a regular car – but could also take part in... Read more
2017 Land Rover Discovery heading upmarket
The current Land Rover Discovery 4 has always been an excellent vehicle, but it is starting to get a bit long in the tooth both in design and also in the level of technology on offer. Land Rover knows this, and are busily working away on the new 2017... Read more
Range Rover Evoque goes topless
Land Rover really hit on a winner when they released the Range Rover Evoque. It simple oozes style, sophistication, and of course, it has the go-anywhere and do-anything attitude that goes hand in hand with the Range Rover marque, all in one tight little package. And now Land Rover... Read more
Range Rover’s rolling fortress
It turns out that Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division does not only build high-performance or one-off models, they can also do post-apocalyptic style vehicles that can keep you and your loved ones safe, even when the world around you has turned into hell. The latest creation, the... Read more
The fastest Range Rover: SVR
The Range Rover is one of the true undisputed Kings of the car world. Its go-anywhere ability, rock solid build quality, phenomenally luxurious interior and commanding driving position all add together to create something special. It just has that certain ‘X factor’, and it has it in spades. Those... Read more


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