Two mates, two Daihatsu Mira’s and one epic build


Back in 2014, YouTube stars Marty and Moog launched their feature length film Kei to the City, which saw them heading to Japan to purchase and modify a car on a budget in preparation for a drift event. But what transpired was not your typical drift movie – in that they didn’t purchase an old rear-wheel drive Nissan Silvia or Toyota AE86 in the quest for drifty goodness.

Instead, the only car available which satisfied their AU$300 budget was an old all-wheel drive L200 Daihatsu Mira TRXX X4. From there, the rescued Mira was taken to the garage of a local drift team and modified in the quest for ultimate tail-out action, before the boys entered it into a grass-roots Japanese drift event. But the story doesn’t end there.

In a behind-the-scenes version of the film, Moog revealed that after they’d finished filming and the Mira was on the way to the scrap heap, he’d secretly organised for it to be saved and imported to Australia. So although the car had to be cut in half in order to meet import regulations, the sum of its parts are set to live on as they’re transplanted into a bare-bones Australian delivered Mira.

You can follow the Mighty Car Mods build below, as Marty and Moog as they un-box their JDM Mira and begin the task of seeing just how many of the parts can be moved across to their ADM shell, plus the huge task of performing a front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive conversion.



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