BMW i2? Is that you?


It has been reported before that BMW are in the final design stages of their neat BMW is working on an i5 electric car – a car which will either be a lengthened version of the BMW i3, or a traditional sedan style vehicle which could challenge the Tesla Model S. But are BMW also working on a smaller, sportier i2 or i4 coupe vehicle? Design filings uploaded last year to Europe’s OHIM system seem to suggest so.


The design renderings show a small car very much in the vein of the i3, yet with a slightly more sporty 2-door body and some subtle design elements (especially the front grille) lifted from the i8 sports car. Interestingly it also features fuel filler caps on both sides, although this might be a technicality due to the way the model was rendered.


While I would go as far as saying the design isn’t the prettiest car I’ve ever see, what with its boxy and tall looking rear end, the lines are fairly aggressive and suggest it could be offered as a sportier version of the i3. Given BMW’s history of competing in almost every vehicle segment that currently exists, it makes sense that they’ll expand on their existing range of ‘i’ vehicles.


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