In the 1980s Isuzu Gemini’s were dancing through Paris


We’re living in a day and age where car manufacturers are able to take advantage of super-realistic CGI special effects and use them to their advantage to woo audiences and drive sales – all you have to do is throw a car in-front of a green screen and you’re half way there! But with everything that is possible today, it is easy to forget that not so long ago car makers had to work a hell of a lot harder to make an otherwise bland or luckluster vehicle more appealing to the general public – even if it meant sacrificing a bunch of cars and putting a few people’s lives on the line.

Perhaps one of the most daring advertisements to have been produced in the age before CGI were those filmed for the 1985 Isuzu Gemini. Isuzu Japan were clearly faced with a dilemma – what could be done to set their rather sedate looking Gemini sedan and hatchback vehicles apart from more appealing vehicles produced by their competitors? Well as you’ll see from the compilation video below, the answer involved taking a bunch of vehicles to Paris and filming a series of clever and highly co-ordinated stunt driving sequences.

But the best part? It is, arguably, when the Geminis bound like happy little rabbits across the Seine’s famous river barges.

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