Lamborghini Veneno for sale for $11 million


When the Lamborghini Veneno first went on sale, it cost the equivalent of roughly $4.5 million dollars. Only three were ever sold, and now just a couple years later, one is up for sale by Reckless International Prestige Car Dealership in Japan. But this time the asking price has gone up a little…

Up to $11 million dollars to be precise. The reasoning for the price hike is that the Veneno is an extremely limited-production car – after all there’s just two other examples in the world. It was based on the Lamborghini Aventador and features the same V12 engine, developing 552kW (740hp) and with even wilder bodywork. There aren’t many cars on the road today that can make an Aventador look tame, but as a celebration of Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary, you’d expect the Veneno to look exactly as crazy as it does.

The question is, does the exclusive nature of this special Lamborghini make it worth more than $11 million? One extremely lucky buyer will get to make that decision.

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