Meet the track-only Volkswagen GTI TCR


The regular Volkswagen GTI is arguably the best all-rounder hot-hatchback on the market – practical enough for everyday, yet quick enough to bring to a track day. But now there’s a new type of GTI which has shaken off the practical side and focused instead on race track insanity – meet the VW Golf GTI TCR. The GTI TCR is a non-street-legal, factory-built GTI race car that you can’t buy because they’re all sold out already.


Based on a production 4-door GTI, the TCR packs a production-based 2.0L turbo four-cylinder from the Golf R, tuned to 246kW (330hp). A 6-speed paddle-shift sequential gearbox sends that power to the front wheels, while the 400mm wider track and massive rear wing help keep the car glued to the road through the bends. The body also features aggressive fender flares, a full FIA-approved roll cage, fuel cell system, and fixed racing seat.


Volkswagen first teased this race-ready GTI as a concept in July of 2015, at which time they played coy about its production potential. Not that it makes a difference: Volkswagen says all 20 examples have already sold out, though the lucky few who bought them can compete in up to 16 Touring Car races worldwide.


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