Range Rover Evoque goes topless


Land Rover really hit on a winner when they released the Range Rover Evoque. It simple oozes style, sophistication, and of course, it has the go-anywhere and do-anything attitude that goes hand in hand with the Range Rover marque, all in one tight little package. And now Land Rover hope to build on their earlier success by chopping the Evoque’s head off.


The new Evoque convertible has an insulated fabric top that has been designed to maintain the tin-top’s profile when up, and folds in the shape of a “Z” just like the top on a Porsche 911 Cabriolet. It sits like a sort of ‘tonneau cover’ on the rear section of the car when down. Sitting directly behind it is a small rear lip spoiler, presumably to help clean the airflow a little. From go to woe, the top takes just 18 seconds to fold down and 21 seconds on the return journey, and can be operated at speeds of up to 48kmh (30mph). The Evoque convertible can seat four people, but as with any convertible there is precious little storage space in the rear – just 8.9 cubic feet, as opposed to 19.4 offered by the regular hardtop version.


The Evoque convertible debuts the next generation of Jaguar-Land Rover’s In Control Touch Pro infotainment system. It boasts a 10.2-inch screen and comes standard. Under the bonnet sits the familiar 2.0L 179kW (240hp)4-cylinder engine that powers the entire range, coupled to a nine-speed transmission.


The Evoque convertible goes on sale in the middle of next year in two trims, SE Dynamic and HSE Dynamic, and will start at $51,470, assuming the same $995 destination charge the automaker applies to its other models.


  1. Nissan did this with the Murano a few years back, it was not a good idea for them either. The Murano is a great little truck, but not so much for the topless version.

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