Tesla Model S gets a facelift and cleaner air


Tesla have given their Model S super sedan a brand new face, to help bring it back in line with the frontal styling we’ve previously seen on the Model X and Model 3 vehicles. Along with the facelift, there’s been a few other tweaks under the skin.

The new fascia and headlights, inspired by the front styling of the Tesla Model X SUV, looks cleaner and simpler than before. There are two brand new interior options too – ‘figured ash wood’ or ‘dark ash wood’. The new Model S will also get Tesla’s new HEPA air-filtration system, which is apparently 100 times more effective than all other filters.

Finally, the Model S’s standard charger has been upgraded from 40 amps to 48 amps, for faster charging when connected to higher amp sources.

The old Model S

So do you like the look of the new Model S, or prefer the older model shown above?


  1. Grate for non car people,But I still prefer a big push rod v8 (and never saw the point of air filters in cars).
    Otherwise this thing makes the toyota corolla seem as if it has as much character as an old school alfa.

  2. I prefer the old one. They gave it too small a nose. The model 3 has the same problem. It will looks like a concept.

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