Jeremy Clarkson breaks amphibious car speed record


If you had just finished building an amphibious vehicle and were looking for a driver to pilot your creation, surely Jeremy Clarkson would have to be near the top of your list. His extensive amphibious vehicle experience would definitely come in handy, plus his liberal use of POWER and SPEED might also be valuable assets.

Well as it turns out, that’s exactly what happened – after Jeremy Clarkson was spotted driving an amphibious “Bond” Bug” car while filming for the second series of The Grand Tour – and setting a new speed record in the process.

At the annual Power Boat Records Week in the UK’s Lake District, and with Richard Hammond and James May watching on, Clarkson tore through the lake at a record speed of 47.81mph – and in the process broke the speed record for the “experimental amphibious unlimited” class.

The 1970s orange, wedge-shaped microcar – which has a lift-up canopy and side screens instead of doors – also has retractable rear wheels for water “driving”. Oh, and a jet ski engine was also fitted to help keep it powering through the water.

One bystander said: “During records week there have been a number of innovative cars there. There was a Bond Bug a classic car from about 40 years ago. But it’s been converted into a power boat. What happened was that Jeremy Clarkson set a new national record in that.”

Filming for The Grand Tour is coming to a close with the show returning on December 8.



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