Top Gear: Series 22 – Patagonia Special (1/2)

  • Patagonia Special Part 1 of 2.
  • The boys go on an epic road trip across Argentina in three used coupes.
  • Porsche 928 GT, Lotus Esprit V8 and a Ford Mustang Mach 1.

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take three V8-engined sports cars on a gruelling 1600-mile journey through the spectacular landscapes of Patagonia. Along the way they encounter rough roads, collapsed bridges, broken bones and a cow as they press onwards against the odds in a quest to reach the southernmost city in the world.

The trio are challenged with finding a car with a V8 engine. Clarkson chooses a Porsche 928, which the other presenters mock for being boring. Hammond chooses a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1, which is berated for having a number of pointless features. James May chooses a Lotus Esprit, which is constantly belittled for its notorious history of unreliability; even James admits that it is “a risk”. They are first told that they have to travel 130 miles to Butch Cassidy’s final resting place, much to the shock and delight of the presenters, Jeremy in particular. On the way, they drive through Bariloche, a place Hammond describes as “a haven for Nazi war criminals”. Hammond’s car experiences problems at this stage; the Mach 1 has poor steering and requires a lot of fuel stops. It then breaks down a mile and a half from the destination, forcing him to push it the rest of the way.

After spending the night in the house, they are then told to drive to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost city in the world, 1600 miles away. Hammond’s car breaks down a number of times which he blames on Jeremy’s route. Both the Porsche and the Mustang get beached in a swamp, forcing the Lotus to rescue them, much to their surprise. They also drive over numerous dangerous bridges, one of which is very unsturdy and ends up leading them to a dead end. At this point, Jeremy notes that although it is the most unreliable car to have brought, the Lotus is surprisingly doing the best. Along the way, they notice a Citroën 2CV following them, which they realise is the comedy backup car. Clarkson notes his particular dislike for this car, saying that the only reason he got on to the orginal series of Top Gear was because he spent his screentest ranting about how much he hated it for twenty minutes.

Hammond then decides to change the route, as Clarkson’s had led them along numerous dangerous roads which Hammond claimed to have damaged his Mustang. Hammond’s route proves to be worse, driving back over the Andes and on rickety roads. Hammond’s car loses two gears, and the Porsche’s window wipers bizarrely turn on without any instruction to. Jeremy cannot turn them off, and his engine breaks down numerous times. It is later revealed that damage to a shock absorber has affected the electrical systems. Hammond and May continue, and Jeremy is left with two options – to fix the car, which involves doing manual labour (something he hates) and is very complicated, or to drive in the 2CV. When the Lotus and Mustang stop, James is infuriated by Hammond’s camping suggestion. Hammond returns with a cow, though James opposes this, saying they already did that joke. Despite Jeremy’s incompetence, he fixes the Porsche and is also annoyed with the camping. James and Hammond annoy him further by adding garish visuals to the Porsche.

In the ensuing rant, Hammond is stripped of leadership, and the team drive on.


Rating: 9.3/10. From 519 votes.
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  1. I want to watch this episode. I cant find where to watch it. I hope the “coming soon” is really soon. Huge fan, keep the great job.

  2. This episode has been the best one for a while. Shame they didn’t complete the journey. It would have been interesting to see them build the stadium and then play car football.

  3. I’ve already watched it. You can find it on torrent. Noticed something though, all the fuss about the number plate….i think it was on purpose. In one part of the video (SPOILERS :D) Jeremy drives by a sign with something about Falklands and says he will not say anything because he’s serious now and its new Jeremy with no provocations involved. But next shot shows his car from the front and everyone with a little common sense will see the plate and will know whats it all about. U sneeky, cheesy Jezza.

    Its cool special after all, lots of funny stuff, cant wait part 2. (and sorry if my grammar is bad, you’ll figure it out)

    • Jel mozez brate da napises link za 2. deo kada izadje.Hvala unapred.I ja sam ukapirao da nesto nije u redu sa tablicama kad je pomenuo znak.

    • I think you forgot that they cut it AFTER everything happened. ( Naturally. )

      It becomes a big deal in the next part, so they are trying to highlight it now. It wasn’t originally on purpose ( because it was the original plate that came with the car ), but now they are going back and making a bigger deal out of it than intended. That comment he makes was meant about the Falklands in general, they then later cut in the license plate because it became a big deal.

      Think about it this way: If it had been on purpose ( which would have been a stupid waste if effort ), they would have mentioned it at some point. Top Gear isn’t exactly known for being subtle.

  4. @Jaw and everyone else….i just did what @Jaw said- i live in the USA and desperate to get my top gear fix… of 3 minutes into the episode- it works.

  5. Seems like James is changed. Not in a very positive way though. I prefered the old, kinda nerdy/geeky/weird/intelligent person.

  6. Hey if you are having trouble watching, go over to google and type “watchseries top gear” . click the first link and you will see all the episodes, new ones are right at the bottom. click on it and find a suitable link for yourself. good to have adblock on

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