Eddie Jordan: New Top Gear will top Clarkson version


Suffice it to say, all eyes will be on Top Gear this weekend. With live filming in the bag – along with conflicting reports on how things went in the studio – all that’s left to do is wait and see how the rebooted British show fares without Clarkson, Hammond, and May at the helm. In their place are Chris Harris and Matt LeBlanc, with support from Riley Reid, Sabine Schmidt, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, and, of course, The Stig.

At least one of those hosts thinks the new Top Gear will be better than the old. “Yes we admire what they did, there’s no question about that,” said Eddie Jordan, according to Mashable. “The previous show was brilliant. But I think this will be a surprise for you guys. When you actually see what we did in South Africa and all the other shows I’ve seen, we’re going to be better.”

And what about the show’s upcoming competition? “Of course we want to be better than the other guys.” That’s the kind of response we’d expect from Eddie Jordan. After all, this is the man who started his own Formula 1 team in 1991, running the operation until 2005. But the “other guys” are the hugely successful former presenters, who chose to stay together and move to Amazon to start a rival series. They are going to be a formidable challenge, to say the least. Let the games begin.

“I know Jeremy particularly well, and I’m a huge fan, I like him. That doesn’t mean I want to absolutely be so much better,” Eddie said.

An early review of the first instalment in the Guardian dispelled reports of a rift between stars Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, describing their onscreen chemistry as “healthy, humorous rivalry”. Compared to the former Top Gear team, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, the first episode “retains the high-speed hallmarks of the old” and is “as entertaining as ever”.


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