Jeremy Clarkson to sign on with BBC until 2018


Well the future of Top Gear looks safe for now, with news emerging that Jeremy is about to sign a new three-year deal with the BBC. This will tie him to the BBC and Top Gear until 2018, despite being told earlier this year by his bosses that he was on his final warning. A BBC source has been quoted as saying

There is no question of Jeremy’s deal not being renewed. It is being worked on right now. The top executives want him signed up as soon as possible.

This is good news for Top Gear fans as it means we can expect it to continue to at least 2018, if not longer. He’ll only be 58 at that time so if the show still rates highly you can expect he’ll most likely receive a new contract to sign.


  1. Great news..Without Jeremy no top gear…. Top gear have to end only when all the car company stopped making cars…

  2. Agreed the show is the chemistry of the three mates. Too right BBC. America thanks you. Now just put the american version out of it’s misery. Please.

  3. jeremy will punch a producer… it will be his and top gear’s downfall!!! warn jeremy!!! tell jeremy to don’t punch the producer!!!
    – man from the year 2015

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