Top Gear insider says LeBlanc is ‘easy to work with’ compared to Clarkson


A Top Gear insider (how many are there!?) has revealed that the general consensus around the office is that new host Matt LeBlanc is a breath of fresh air, compared to former presenter Jeremy Clarkson. Before punching a producer, Clarkson was known for being controversial but according to the insider, so far LeBlanc has been “the nicest guy”.

Speaking to Mirror Online as the team filmed in London, the insider said Matt turns heads in the right way. “Oh, he gets plenty of attention. The response has been a massively positive response. Apart from the Blackpool shoot this is only the second shoot he’s done. He’s got a massive following so we kind of have to stop people asking for autographs, he’s good as gold though. He’s the nicest guy, he doesn’t ask for a coffee, really chilled.”

When asked by the Mirror as to whether there have been any demands for steak, they concluded: “He’s a really, really great guy. He’s a really easy guy to work with.”

“Very easy-going, doesn’t want a trailer, doesn’t want anything, just really cool.”




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