Top Gear Series 21 Sightings & Spoilers Top Gear Series 21 Sightings & Spoilers
Series 20 may have only just finished, but the TopGear team have already been spotted out and about filming segments for Series 21 (which... Top Gear Series 21 Sightings & Spoilers


Series 20 may have only just finished, but the TopGear team have already been spotted out and about filming segments for Series 21 (which we predict will go to air on January 26th 2014, assuming there is no earlier “Christmas Special”). Below is a list of what we know so far, and we’ll update this list with new sightings as they come to hand.

For those of you who need a spoiler warning: Top Gear Series 21 Spoilers are below!




Last updated 26th November 2013.


Jeremy and James are in Istanbul, off to meet Richard

According to Twitter, Jeremy and James are in Istanbul – however it is unlikely that they are doing any actual filming there. According to a tweet from Jeremy, “We are in Istanbul for one night. Then we shall meet Hammond at a secret location in another country to start work.”

This photo later emerged of a chap on Twitter who was boarding a domestic flight in Ukraine with none other than Richard Hammond. This would obviously suggest that TopGear are filming in Ukraine.


Jeremy and James were also spotted in Ukraine.

BZtedGjCQAAuQyf.jpg large


…and Richard finally joined them!


Jeremy Clarkson also tweeted the following photo: “This is a photograph of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin taken outside the actual house in Yalta where they met.”


Another photo of the team filming with a VW Up! and Dacia Sandero.




Richard Hammond filming in the Australian Outback

Several tweets from @RichardHammond mention that he has arrived in Australia and is now at a remote cattle station in the outback. With lots of spiders. I doubt we’ll get any more info on why he is out there but we’ll wait and see.



TopGear are filming a new “Special” in Burma / Myanmar

Not many details on this one at the moment, but Jeremy tweeted that they are off to film a new TopGear special. All we know is that they’re on a plane – more information as it comes to hand. As of 28/10/2013, Top Gear have been very tight lipped about where they actually are. Jeremy has been hammering Twitter (sadly it has been about Piers Morgan rather than Top Gear), however we’ve been able to work out from the time he tweeted that he was “going to sleep” that TopGear are roughly located somewhere between GMT +6:00 and +10:00 timezones.

Jeremy also stated that they were located somewhere remote, with little phone reception. We could be completely wrong, but to us this means they may be located somewhere around Russia, China, Mongolia, Australia or another country in that general vicinity. Wherever they are, they’re driving huge distances across seemingly remote areas. More information as it comes to hand.

EDIT 31/10/2013: Photos have surfaced of the TopGear team in Burma / Myanmar! Richard Hammond appears to be driving some type of old truck or camper/motorhome, which may hint that the other presenters are driving something similar. We’ll update this if any more photos show up.

BXOk4PgCIAA-Q8F.jpg large


EDIT 19/11/2013: We’ve received an anonymous tip off from an individual who was in northern Thailand at the time – and managed to snap a photo of James May’s truck! Note the interesting “high visibility” paint scheme, bus style wing mirrors and the wrecked air conditioning unit on top.





Jeremy is in Belgium, driving the McLaren P1

Jeremy Clarkson tweeted that he was on a flight to Belgium to drive the McLaren P1, and soon after footage surfaced on YouTube showing him doing just that. Well, trying to anyway!

TopGear was later spotted filming at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.


TopGear and James May filming at the National MicroCar Rally

James May was spotted with the TopGear team, filming at the National MicroCar Rally 2013. Apparently he later got behind the wheel of a Messerschmitt Tiger.


Jeremy spotted riding a Gibbs amphibious vehicle

A tumblr user snapped this photo of Jeremy testing a Gibbs Quadski in Bellagio, Italy, earlier this week. The person who took the photo apparently said Jeremy looked “very soaked and pissed the whole time”.



Jeremy drives the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring in Italy

Not much detail on this one right now, but Jermey posted a photo on twitter of the new Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring in Italy with the comment “Well, today’s job isn’t very terrible.” On October 3rd, more recent photos emerged which also showed an Alfa Romeo 8c and two Corvettes.





TopGear to drive a V8 Supercar in Australia

TopGear had planned to film Jeremy The Stig driving a new Microsoft Xbox-sponsored V8 Supercar at the Holden Driving Centre at Norwell, Gold Coast, Australia, in a deal brokered by racing legend Mark Skaife. But Gold Coast authorities put a stop to this when they failed to relax noise restrictions in time. Top Gear will now film in the town of Warwick, at Morgan Park Raceway.


TopGear have also booked 40 minutes of track time at this year’s Bathurst 1000 – they are booked in on October 10th, with the actual race taking place on Sunday October 13th. It is most likely related to the above V8 Supercar filming, however they may also be involved in the race in some way (perhaps the Stig is racing with one of the teams?) More information as it comes to hand…


Update: This appears to have been for a Xbox / Forza 5 promo “The Stig’s Digital Cousin”.



TopGear to test the new VW Golf GTI Mk7

Details on this one are scarce – all we’ve got is this lone photo showing a Mk7 being jump started by TG’s camera car, at the Top Gear Test Track.



Jeremy & Richard spotted in Monaco

Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were spotted in Monaco earlier this month testing two supercars. Richard, behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and Jeremy driving a Bugatti Veyron Vitesse WRC Edition. Some have suggested this is for a Top Gear Christmas DVD but this remains to be seen.


Sean McKellar

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  • NG

    September 13, 2013 #1 Author

    The filming in Monaco was not for S21, it’s for the Christmas DVD.


    • Chase

      January 2, 2014 #2 Author

      what Christmas DVD?


      • denis

        January 5, 2014 #3 Author

        it was for the perfect road trip and its availible on dvd must see


  • Kendo

    September 17, 2013 #4 Author

    Hi, I heard that it’s from making new Top Gear’s movie with Jezza and Hamster only. They also tests new Mercedes SLS and some Ferrari. It’s going to sell on Christmas.


  • John Silver

    October 18, 2013 #5 Author

    What’s a DVD?


    • wallace1001

      October 25, 2013 #6 Author

      OMG dont know what a DVD is lol, it is a circular thing with information on it. it stands for Digital Versitiale Disk


    • archypol

      November 6, 2013 #7 Author

      It’s like a Blu-ray, but costs less, and the picture is exactly the same unless you spend extra on a HDTV, even though there are hardly any HD channels. And even WITH the tv, the difference is barely noticable. And, since modern TVs are so big, a modern HD TV has LOWER resolution than a much smaller SD TV. Blu-ray is a white elephant like Betamax. I’ve never seen a new “next big thing” Fail so badly to take off and replace its predecessor. Why do you think they still sell so many DVDs, even though Blu-ray has been around for years


      • Marsupial Jones

        November 10, 2013 #8 Author

        LMAO! You have no idea what you are talking about. There are hundreds of HD channels and Blu-ray’s are infinitely better than DVD’s just based on storage size alone. An average DVD holds maybe 10 gb. An avg blu ray holds 50 gb or more. The reason they sell more DVD’s is because they are WAY cheaper (you can buy movies on DVD for 10 bucks) not because they are better. Same reason they sell more Honda Civics than Ferrari’s.

        And FYI, they sell almost the same amount of blu-rays as DVD’s. The top 5 DVD’s for this year sold an avg of 2.5 million units. The top 5 selling Blu-Ray’s sold an avg of 1.7 million.

        In other words one Blu-ray is sold for every 1.5 DVD’s. And that ratio is getting smaller every year. Yeah, blu-rays failed pretty badly, didnt they. lol.


        • Marsupial Jones

          November 10, 2013 #9 Author

          Also if you think the difference between a DVD and a 1080p movie on an HDTV is “barely noticeable” i recommend you get your eyes checked.


          • mr t

            December 25, 2013 #10 Author

            id assume the next season will be mid – end of jan, but who knows 🙂
            and blu ray or dvd – as long as its not in 3D its all good 3D = fail 🙂

        • Nick

          November 23, 2013 #11 Author

          Actually DVDs only hold 4.5 GBS unless there dual layer then they hold 9 and Blurays hold 25 GBs or 50Gbs if there Dual layer. Bluray is FAR superior to DVD. Playing a DVD on a Bluray player that upscales it to 1080p is quite nice, not as nice as an actualy Bluray but still is sweet. The sound Blurays create is 10 million times better as well, assuming you have a nice sound system.


        • trash

          November 28, 2013 #12 Author

          This link says USA, where is this place? Is it near Asia?


          • trash

            November 28, 2013 #13 Author


          • brick001

            November 30, 2013 #14 Author

            what’s HD?

    • Dc

      November 25, 2013 #15 Author

      Obvious Troll is obvious…


  • wallace1001

    October 25, 2013 #16 Author

    oh and by the way richard hammond is da best


  • Russ

    October 26, 2013 #17 Author

    What’s da mean ?


  • MKR

    October 28, 2013 #18 Author

    Some say….. that TG special is being filmed in Australia


  • Baggs

    November 1, 2013 #19 Author



  • karlis

    November 1, 2013 #20 Author

    Why they just don’t test the new Agera R. The best supercar. It just demolished the Vitesse in dragstrip


    • archypol

      November 6, 2013 #21 Author

      That’s nice. Both cars are lovely, then, as long as you can find one perfectly straight, perfectly smooth road that goes from your house to wherever you are going. Neither is a great car. Cars built to chase the top speed record are never great cars.


  • archypol

    November 6, 2013 #22 Author

    ” …they may be located somewhere around Russia, China, Mongolia, Australia or another country in that general vicinity.”

    Wow! It’s like you have put some super high-tech tracking device on them or something


  • djpalme

    November 7, 2013 #23 Author

    The sticker on Hammonds Truck that apparently has been spotted in Burma, looks like a Thai Tax/Vehicle Registration Sticker.

    2556 refers to the registration Year 2013.

    Maybe the drove to Burma which is very difficult to get into by vehicle or the special actually takes place in Thailand.


  • N

    November 9, 2013 #24 Author

    Jeremy tweeted that he was in the Bangkok noveltel airport hotel the other day so they definitely ended up in Thailand


  • N

    November 9, 2013 #25 Author

    Also Richard Hammond is in Australia at the moment for “work”


    • FarmerNic

      November 12, 2013 #26 Author

      what for!


      • N

        November 13, 2013 #27 Author

        No idea maybe his own show? I am guessing he is in Sydney


        • N

          November 14, 2013 #28 Author

          UPDATE he is in the outback according to Twitter


  • PS

    November 9, 2013 #29 Author

    I coincidentally spotted Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in Sedona hotel in Yangon on 26 October myself. Therefore they have definitely worked or filmed some significant parts of the series in Southeast Asia.
    I am a big fan of TopGear from Thailand.


  • ;)

    November 9, 2013 #30 Author

    I stayed at the same resort the top gear crew were staying at in Chiangmai, Thailand! Even have a few photos of the “vehicles” driven..


  • Rebecca Burgess

    November 10, 2013 #32 Author

    They were at a vintage car show picking their favourite cars. My mate was there and they chose his car as on of their faves. They interviewed my mate for the show 🙂


    • FarmerNIC

      December 8, 2013 #33 Author

      Where all 3 there i hope they bring back the cheap car challanges that really made the show
      Back a couple of years ago.


    • January 1, 2014 #34 Author

      Thats so cool


  • icanhazcheezburger

    November 19, 2013 #35 Author

    what is walking?


  • Jeremy Clarkson

    November 22, 2013 #36 Author



    • Philip Garlick

      November 24, 2013 #37 Author

      …away from tourists, asking annoying, repetetive questions every time you get stuck in traffic 🙂


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  • htootint

    November 27, 2013 #39 Author

    Please Top Gear, come to Myanmar and make a special episode (or) race in our country :-). We want to see you in our country!!


    • Osamabinlaggin

      January 3, 2014 #40 Author

      NO they need to come to the UK first, they never do film shoots in the UK!!! >:(


  • trash

    November 28, 2013 #41 Author

    What are these circular disks you are talking of? I thought you can only get tv programs, movies etc from pirate bay……


  • trash

    November 28, 2013 #42 Author

    Some say there isn’t a single person in this forum that has a clue what they are talking about……


  • Adrian

    December 16, 2013 #43 Author

    can’t freakin’ wait 😀


  • George

    December 19, 2013 #44 Author

    Hi, so when the next season is starting?? can’t wait :)))


  • Marko

    December 31, 2013 #45 Author


    they are filming on wed 29th of january


  • stig

    January 8, 2014 #46 Author

    whats a top gear?


  • Browny

    January 16, 2014 #47 Author

    I found Richard Hammond in Roxby Downs, South Australia. Said he wasn’t there for Top Gear but for a BBC “project”. He was also there by himself…. bit strange to be doing a Top Gear Special by himself and there was literally no decent cars parked nearby. No camera crew to be seen either as this was at the local pub there.


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