Top Gear UK Cancelled after 21 Series and 170 Episodes


**April fools!**

It is with regret that we bring you this breaking news. After months of rumors that Top Gear UK was facing the axe, today Jeremy Clarkson confirmed that the show has now been cancelled after a huge 11 year and 21 Series run.

Rumors started swirling after the publication of a new book which apparently suggested top BBC shows like the motor programme could come to an end. It also comes hot on the heels of question asked by a fan on Twitter last month to Jeremy, as to whether Top Gear was facing the chop. Host Jeremy replied: “Absolutely not true”, suggesting that the show’s hosts may have also been kept in the dark as to the show’s fate.

Last week Broadcast reported that the BBC was getting ready for talks with Jeremy and his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May over their contracts. Tightening economic conditions and a drop in viewer figures may have resulted in further budget cuts to the show and reduced pay figures for the hosts. Figures which may have been unacceptable to three of the biggest motoring personalities…. in the world.

On April 1st the show’s executive producer Andy Wilman could not be immediately be contacted for comment and is believed to be keeping a low profile in the wake of the news being leaked on the internet.

It is a sad day indeed.

Happy April Fools Day!

  • Tom Hansen

    Huh. So you’re saying they announced the show was cancelled on APRIL 1ST? Interesting…

  • Robert

    Oh I hate you!!! For a few moments I actually believed it…

    By the way great april 1st joke πŸ˜‰

  • tim

    fucking fuck you guys god damn it you made me have a fuck heart attack it’s not April first yet here in fat ass america!

  • Pedro Sampaio Palhares de Campos

    I almost had a heart attack. Cock.

  • Jim bob

    Lol, I’m glad I read the comments.

  • Devon

    website: Top Gear UK Cancelled after 21 Series and 170 Episodes!!!
    me: WHAT THE F***
    website: Posted on “Apr 1”, 2014 in News
    me: ahhhhhh of course

  • Charles

    Fuck. Thank god I read the comments. I was about to come to tears. I thought Somi Guha succeeded in being a total twat.

  • alex

    I think that bitch needs to be cancelled

  • Rafael

    you almost killed a portuguese…

  • Collin

    All most messed my self when I read this then realized the day haha good try!

  • Cancelled! Is it? Is it really??

  • hc


    That is seriously NOT funny! I nearly cried!
    Anyway , Top gear will eventually come to an end as the boys are getting to old!

  • Sorry for the scare everyone! April first is the worst day on the internet, but we hope you all enjoyed it in some way πŸ˜‰

    • Essaoy

      If this is really an April first joke, then what happened to Series 21? I’ve been waiting for Episode 8 for two weeks now and it hasn’t come out. Is series 21 over already?!

      • Unfortunately yes, Series 21 has finished. Series 22 will most likely begin in July or August.

        • TG-Gearhead

          Any chance production of Series 22 will be between July 4th and July 13th? I will be in England then and would love to attend a recording.

  • Jeremy

    This is rubbish. I don’t want to see this again.

  • 99ways2die

    So I was sitting here smoking my cigarette and saw this in the surfing page. I then started to choke. Shortly after I read this thing that says April Fools. So I continue to read I think to myself I really hate you guys for this and then it makes me think “How can I put this in a perspective everyone can understand?” β”Œβˆ©β”(●_●)β”Œβˆ©β” <– was the best answer I could come to being a stupid American that just fell for an April fools joke.

    And as for the show,,,


  • 99ways2die

    I must now go back to smoking my

    (Μ…_Μ…_Μ…(Μ²Μ²Μ²Μ²Μ²Μ…Μ…Μ…Μ…Μ…Μ…(Μ…_Μ…_Μ²Μ…ΠΌΜ²Μ…a̲̅я̲̅lΜ²Μ…bΜ²Μ…oΜ²Μ…rΜ²Μ…oΜ²Μ…Μ… _Μ…_Μ…_Μ…()

    An d I’m sorry for being mean (،_ΨŒβ€). But this was just unnecessary


    Don’t do it again ( Β¬_Β¬)

  • Is top gear cancelled or is there more shows coming

    • As per the first line of the post, it was an April Fools joke.

      • reality

        now it’s reality

  • Terry Patterson

    So, Jeremy whom we all love and respect has caught flack for remarks that were deemed ” racist”. For the many years that I have watched Top Gear in Britain and the U.S. there has always been a way in which Jeremy has made his points. And there have been those times when the feathers had been ruffled. But to cower for the sake of decent: ballocks I tell you simple ballocks! Being from the old school when humor was always pushing the limits, Jeremy’s remarks were taken out of context!
    So lets just move on, and continue a traditions of insanity and fun! And always quite the learning experience as well. Yes you morons, educational!

  • Oh come on! Was it something I said?

  • Jolly Rodga

    April fools hey!!! Now look at what you started!!

    • It almost could have been an April fools for this year…

  • klunkerboy

    This was only one year too soon :'( ‘ ‘

  • Ed

    No that sucks!!! Was my favorite show.