Wheeler Dealers: S8 E7 – DeLorean DMC-12


Budget: £10,000
Purchase Price: $15,500 (£9,650)
Final Cost: £14,715
Selling Price: £20,500
Profit/Loss: +£5,785

Work Completed: Dents in stainless steel panels removed, rear louver panel fixed with fiberglass and repainted, flywheel/crankshaft oil seal replaced, interior revamped with new seat covers, new gear shift gaiter, new carpets and new instrument binnacle, faulty window motors replaced, faulty aircon system fixed by changing blown fuse, left rear light lens replaced and wheels refurbished.

Notes: Purchased near Auburn, California. Restoration price includes £2,500 import tax & shipping, £1000 travel expenses. Sold at a DeLorean gathering in Norfolk at £500 over the asking price.

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  1. The seller said that there was only 24,000 miles on the car. Yet when the dash was been changed the clock read 42,00 miles !

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