Life after Wheeler Dealers: What has Edd China been up to?


It has been quite a year for everyone’s favourite mechanic Edd China, after announcing in March that he was leaving Wheeler Dealers. But that was almost 8 months ago, so what has he been up to since then?

Well, for a start he has used his newfound downtime to catch up on some chores around the house. The two bikers in the video above were riding through the countryside when they spotted Edd painting his fence by the roadside, and stopped off for an awkward chat (as you do). Though we’re not sure if we like his choice of colour…


AskEdd 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Shortly after his unemployment began, Edd released a series of six “AskEdd” videos on YouTube, where he had a go at answering a bunch of questions asked by fans. The videos also have an underlying message detailing Edd’s struggle to get his tools back from the Wheeler Dealers garage.

In the first video, Edd answered questions while waiting outside the workshop. Then in the second he is seen passing time riding a bicycle down the boardwalk at Newport beach. He later cleans cars at a BMW dealership and checks out the sunset at El Mirage before eventually getting all of his tools back.

The first video is embedded above, and you can also check out AskEdd2, AskEdd3, AskEdd4, AskEdd5, and AskEdd6.


He appointed a PR agency

Following his departure from Wheeler Dealers, Edd has also signed on the dotted line with Leeds based PR agency Pure Agency, to help him manage his “Garage Junkie’ brand, e-commerce website and video content as well as PR and social media management.

You can read more about that here.



If you’re unemployed and have bills to pay, I guess you’ve gotta make your money somehow – which is why Edd decided to team up with loosening and lubricating experts XCP.


Amphibious Speed Records

Most recently, Edd also set two new amphibious speed records at the annual Coniston Powerboat Records Week event. “I’m very honoured to be here,” he said. “It’s a fantastic event but what’s really lovely is the camaraderie – everyone wants each other to set a record – it’s quite wonderful.”

Driving the Quadski (above) Edd set a new class record of 48.51mph, and then went on to achieve another class record of 39.60mph in the Humdinga (below).


So, any signs of a new TV show yet?

Unfortunately at this stage, no. Edd has previously stated that his reasons for leaving Wheeler Dealers had absolutely nothing to do with starting a new show, and that he had nothing lined up at the time.

*Edit 14/04/18* Edd China is set to return to our screens with Edd China’s Garage Revival. You can read all about it here!


  1. Edd. Your show was the best of the best.. No fowl language, no bleeping, no drama, just the details of true mechanics. You always put sincere repairs first with the best available parts and supplies. You are a true, safety minded professional and with your knowledge of so many vehicles, will go far in this industry. We need more like you to teach and guide the would be mechanics out there.. Thank you very much for all your dedication and work.

  2. Edd is a fantastic mechanic and wheeler dealers ain’t the same without him hope he gets to bring his own show out Mabie going back to basics and either doing classic cars or modern cars that people can afford I’ve learned a lot off watching the shows over the years even as far back as when he done his auto trader days fixing cars that people are trying to sell anyhow I wish him luck for the future

  3. I’m not watching wheeler dealers without Edd. Hopefully he will have another show I would like to cancel my Velocity programing, but don’t know how. I’ll watch reruns with Edd, but no new shows with the new guy.

  4. yeah no doubt about it the show is not the same without edd watched him from his earlier programs , he was always credible, and without doubt a true professional mech i cant speak highly enough of his efforts the ford capri one being one that sticks in my mind it didnt go to plan but they showed it warts and all good luck edd hope to see your genuine presentation skills from a professional mech 40 yrs

  5. Edd miss your genuine love for your job I miss this very nice gentlemanly man who gave me my passion for old cars tv empty without you

  6. Why didn’t they get rid of the short guy,if they wanted to make a change that would have satisfied every fan out there.
    Wouldn’t suprise anyone if short guy worked behind Edds back to get rid of him, because Edd was way more popular than he was.

    • Well Edd wasn’t happy with the direction the show was heading in, so he quit. I guess everyone else at the table had no problems with the new format, so they continued on. Mike has always maintained that there were never any plans to cut back the workshop aspect of the show (one of Edd’s major reasons for leaving) but it would seem strange for Edd to make those claims if they weren’t based on at least a little bit of truth.

  7. Mike claiming that Edd felt like the star of the program and Mike claiming that the show was his baby shows us just what was the impetus for Edd’s departure. I think that Edd’s video on the why of leaving was enough of an explaination. It’s only entertainment people. Threats to anyone regarding anything to do with the program should be met with criminal charges.

  8. Edd made the show so entertaining and interesting….My wife and I Came across show by accident and both me and wife got hooked….Cant stand to watch without not a patch without him……That from us novices now awaiting a New show with Edd… a great format that worked for all WHETHER enthusiasts or not..Surely one of the major stations PRODUCTION teams should jump in and progress Edd on to well deserved big time shows series that has now %proven success by the content beyond all doubt ….he posesses and EXPOSES that natural Star quality and personality….in an
    Interesting and growing market for all.. ..Keep it up Edd….
    Jim and Sue

  9. He is in fact doing a new show, he was recently in my town in Norway fixing up a old golf!
    Got no info about the show other than this though.

  10. Edd you are sorelymissed the show is not the same withoutyou this new fella is useless i started to the first of the new series and switched off about 10 mins never watched it since

  11. Edd showed all of us hobbyist mechanics just how much you can do without specialized tools and fancy equipment. Taking care of simple problems that make a vehicle run poorly were great lessons for us home mechanics. The C3 Corvette with the accelerator linkage too short, and the Porsche transmission the needed a filter and fluid change come to mind.

    I hope he gets his own show in the future. His part of Wheeler Dealers was the best part of the show.

  12. Never quit a good job. Especially for principles. In the end, anyone can be replaced anywhere at anytime and the quitter is soon forgotten. Ask the dudes who quit Hawaii 5-0 or the dude that left MASH after the first season—forgotten.

    • “and the quitter is soon forgotten”

      In this instance – wanna bet? In the UK we don’t forget people with principles. Maybe it’s different in the US…

  13. What I don’t understand is, the current show without Ed, has the new guy explaining and fixing cars like Ed but more in-depth. But Ed said he didn’t like the direction of the show and how they wanted him to dumb it down. The new show is nothing like Ed said it would be. The show , as it is now, has only changed in that Ed isn’t there. Not sure, really , why he left but it doesn’t really add up. Good luck to Ed, but the show will do just fine without him. Something fishy in why he ” left” the show.

    • It’s very obviously the tv channel had to correct what they had done wrong and why Edd left otherwise they would look stupid, so they have had to eat humble pie when they brought Ant on the TV series and do the opposite to what Edd has ridiculed them by saying was they reason he left.

      The new wheeler dealers package is obviously not as good as Ant and his family were initially promised because there already a big rift between everyone there on the program in America. It’s so bad that Ant’s wife and him have split up and are getting a divorce as she’s not happy with what they were initially promised by wheeler dealers USA and what they have actually received, so she and the rest of ants young family have since left America and moved back to the UK – leaving Ant trying to figure out how to get out of the contract he signed.

      So the new wheelers dealers is not as good as they all want us to think it is.


  14. All the best Ed, wheeler Dealers no longer a programme I watch n as a woman with little mechanical skills- your were s trey mechanical gent. Hurry back- we miss you!!! We need you!!

  15. Hi Edd no need to rush man ,personally i thought it was time to move on from Dell Boy would i buy a car from him NEVER the real back lane cowboy,for me you are a motor engineer NOT a grease monkey Morgan sports cars UK were looking for an Edd China for a new project maybe you would make contact with them ,best personal regards,paul Djerassi .

  16. We miss Edd so very much. The show now isn’t even close in information and the fun is gone. No more Wheeler Dealers in our house – unless, of course we can see a rerun. Best of everything to Edd. We love you!

  17. Greg Holt
    I’m a big fan of the original format. Mike finds them, Edd fixes them, in the UK. Ant seems fine and I tried to keep watching, but gave up. “Result”

  18. it so upsetting that edd was down spoken via his own boss mr brewer , the best part is edd did make the show what it was , mr brewer was to strict towards edd and exspected the world just becouse he was edd boss , i really hope edd comes back to tv with his own show and shows mr brawer the compitition on, at the moment dealer wheeler not much cop in watching , i think the truth is people loved edds way of teaching we all ubderstood edds ways, and edds down to earth attitude , we all miss you edd .

    mr brewer a thu words , why was you so nasty towards edd on a youtube video , you no that car repairs are hard work why blastheme a man like edd that helped you to build dealer wheeler from scratch , you are a nasty soul , imagine ic someone took your whole life project away you wouldnt like it , it just a shame that edd does still talk to you but that show how professonal edd was and is, you lost a good friend and machanic going behind edds back mr brewer and i am sorry to say i dont think your show going to last and you might end up a street car sales man once agin ….

    good luck but next time treat your staff with respect .

  19. The old saying ” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.
    Ed and Mike were a great team, Ant seems a pleasant guy but sadly is no replacement
    for Ed who was” the man in the big picture”.
    I look forward to seeing him in his own programme sooner rather than later.

  20. Have to agree with some of the comments & say that the new series with Ant just isn’t in the same league as when Ed was presenting, ( Sorry Ant but your high pitched voice doesn’t help either!) & I can see why Ed decided to leave, as there was a noticeable change to the show format with Ed doing less of his magic, and more “useless filler”, with Mike just driving around wasting time. This was first noticed & commented on by viewers when the US recorded programme where they had the Honda lemon in the workshop was broadcast. A subtle, but noticeable format change for the worse. I viewed the new Ant series with an open mind, but its lost its appeal, & I’m very tempted to cancel my cable subscription, & watch repeats on Freeview instead. I don’t know what Ed is up to now, or his plans for the future, but we need him back in a workshop on the TV very soon!

  21. I wish the best for Edd and Mike, I like them both, nothing against Ant either, he is just a guy that was offered a good job, can’t hate on him for that. I’m from America and I can’t stand Wheeler Dealers in America. To me the show was the most appealing when it was all in England. We have enough, strike that, too many American car shows already, Wheeler Dealers being British is what drew me to it. All those classic cars from Europe and a lot of them that we never had in the states, that is exciting to watch for an American car guy. I loved the funny chemistry between you two, like the time you asked Mike to help you back to the shop and he said, I can’t, I have an accordion lesson, that was hilarious. I miss how originally the cars were all affordable too the average guy. And I miss how Mike would have a person show off his mint condition model of the car you were restoring. I miss the short history lesson and test drive of those minters.That part should have never been cut. I also miss how Mike would go over how to find these cars, he kind of stopped doing that too. I don’t understand how they had time for all those good parts with a smaller budget, and now with a bigger budget, they cut so much of the good stuff out. Go back to the original format please, in England, with Edd. Or start a new show with the original format in England, with Edd and a new Wheeler Dealer host to find the cars. It would have to have a new name. How about “Rust-Revive-Rs” for the name.

  22. Edd China is a first rate mechanic and more importantly, a gentleman with everyone he comes in contact with. I watched one show with Ant and have never watched again. Nothing against Ant, just everything to do with miss Edd.

    Wishing you all the success in the world Edd.

  23. Iv given up on the new wheeler dealers!.. I’m not really into motors but I liked the chemistry between Edd & Mike , plus I loved mike rolling upto the workshop in an ol banger in mid Feb in dear ol Blighty … I think Ants perfect for the American audience it it ain’t for me anymore

  24. Both my wife and I, who were avid fans of the program, noticed at the same time that there was a definite shift towards Mike getting his “hands dirty” from series 12 onwards. Up until then, it was clearly beneath Mike to do anything remotely mechanical to the project cars. We’d also noticed a change in their relationship which turned quite nasty and we concluded Mike had become jealous of the attention Edd was getting for the brilliant work he was doing, so much so, he had to try to steal the limelight from Edd.

    Nothing like the same program with Ant and we just don’t bother with the new series.

  25. I never regaded Brewer as the “boss”; he exemplified the mendacious and slimy used car dealer that he is. His negotiating skills in that role were none to good, either!
    I was frequently irritated by his “we” did this to the car and made all of these improvements, when of course it was all Edd’s work. His main input, aside from searching the internet for dubious cars for Edd to restore expertly, was to run errands to specialist companies to refurbish parts that Edd had removed from the vehicles, or to buy off-the-shelf parts for him.
    Who is truly the boss?

  26. Mike Brewer certainly likes blowing his own trumpet. But try as hard as he may could never outshine your true skill as a mechanic and innovator. He also told a few porkies which didn’t go
    unnoticed. One that comes to mind was his claim to choosing the yellow paint scheme for the Ford Escort. I truly wish you all the best and hope to see you in your own program.

  27. I will never forget the look on edd’s face when he cracked the expensive plastic wind screen on the litle Messerschmidt. On other shows, they would have made something like that up and then rehearsed it, faking it and making it artificial. I loved it that Edd screwed up and we saw that it thoroughly devastated him. It was a very real moment and there were lots of real moments. I no longer watch. I wonder what Ant will do now that he’s on the arm of the home renovation woman. Good luck to Edd, clearly a real person the antithesis of show biz phonies.

  28. I watched Wheelers/Dealers just for the parts with Edd in it. Wish it were still on (in its original form). I don’t watch it anymore.

  29. Wheeler Dealers was a brilliant show when centred on British Classics, with an occasional Yank classic thrown in. Whoever’s idea it was, Edd China made the show whilst Mike Brewer was mostly an embarassment. Throughout 14 series Edd China came across as a really decent and talented bloke whilst Mike Brewer came across as the fake Delboy Trotter that he presumably was as a Used-car salesman. In truth, anyone would buy a car prepared by Ed China, no-one sensible would buy a car from Mike Brewer. The various comments from both sides have shown how true this is. RIP Wheeler Dealers, Apparently, Edd may have been picked up to front a new series so, hopefully WD is dead, Long live Garage Revival!i

  30. To add to the above. If this was Mike Brewers show, he knew about all of the changes being discussed with the new owners AND wished to pocket the money rather than stand up for the show. Ed China left a money-obsessed waster not the other way around and Brewer, quite rightly, should be trashed by every previous fan. However, attacking his family is a large NO-NO. Brewer will presumably make lots of money in America, let’s make sure that he makes none in England. No-one watch the fake WD!

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