Mike Brewer on how Edd China left Wheeler Dealers


Footage of Mike Brewer has popped up on YouTube this week, in which he revealed details as to how Edd China left Wheeler Dealers. In the video, filmed at the Klingberg Vintage Motor Car Festival in Connecticut, Brewer says Edd turned out to be ‘not gracious’.

“He did some very bad things,” Brewer said. “And when he did some very bad things it meant that Discovery channel just couldn’t work with him. So they gave him the option to leave, and he took it.”

“He wanted to go off and do another show anyway, and I’m waiting for his new show to appear. I think we all are,” he added.

Earlier this year Edd announced he was leaving Wheeler Dealers after 13 seasons on the show. Despite the move, the show was renewed for season 14, with former “For The Love of Cars” host Ant Anstead taking over spanner-spinning duties.

Brewer praised Anstead’s superior work ethic in the video, while also suggesting that Edd’s problem was that he let his newfound fame go to his head. “It’s much more back to where it used to be because Ant is a real mechanic,” Brewer said. “Edd became a TV star, rather than… Edd forgot his focus really on what he was there to do. He was a mechanic, and then he became a TV star.”

“When you become a TV star, and he turns up everyday and I’m saying to him ‘We need to rip the engine out of that Corvette’ and he’s going ‘I don’t need to do that, I’m a TV star!’” – Mike Brewer

Brewer said that while Edd would moan and argue, eventually he’d get to work and the job would be done – but the issue was how long the process would take to get there.

According to Edd, his decision to leave Wheeler Dealers was due to the production company’s decision to ‘dumb down’ the very thing which made the show successful in the first place – in-depth coverage of the fixes performed on the cars in the workshop. Not only are these pieces rather difficult to film, but they’re also time-intensive and as a result more expensive.

This revelation angered fans, resulting in Brewer being on the receiving end of their venom – which even came in the form of death threats to him and other members of his family.

Brewer publicly countered China’s claims that Discovery planned to reduce the workshop aspect of the show in the upcoming season. “There’s no way on earth that anyone has ever suggested that the mechanical content of the show is going to be reduced,” Brewer said.

“Where that came from, I don’t know. It is not going to be reduced, Discovery channel are not going to change the format one iota.”


  1. Watched the first of the new episodes.
    I’m done with it. Just not the same without the big guy.
    Never thought much for Mike anyhow.

  2. I liked wheeler dealers & enjoyed the fact that ed & Mike each did their bit. However it seems egos have become over enlarged with time. Just like so many pop & Rock groups have fallen apart previously. Shame really, they should both forget the blame game & concentrate on their own future projects. Good luck to both of them.

  3. My reason for watching was for the different car fix”s . To bad it had to end that way . I liked it better while it was being filmed in England . Needs to get back to its roots

  4. Could not agree more with Loren J. The ONLY reason for watching WD is Mr China`s “how too” (in a calm & easy to understand fashion). First some production twitt (what) killed TopGear and now Velocishit kills WD. Both ended up in some overproduced american world. Why can`t we let great English shows be and let America produce it`s own shows (crap)?
    Without Edd teaching me stuff I might as well watch endless re-runs of Two & a half Men or Kardasiass.

  5. I really expected the “post Ed C” show to be a complete Turd, I just watched the first of the new episodes, Props to Ant Anstead, he is different, but entertaining and informative, perhaps they should have made a new show with Ant and Ed, and ditched Mike……:D

  6. Just watched 2nd episode with Ant. It’s just not the same he is crap and Mike is the big head, the way he shakes somebody’s hand is embarrassing. Two shows down and I’m afraid to say WD is dead I won’t watch anymore

  7. Regardless of who or what is to blame for the situation Mike Brewer’s public criticism of Edd China was totally unnecessary and extremely unprofessional.
    It reeked of childish spite for a perceived personal offence. Watch Edd China’s video explanation Mr Brewer. That is how you conduct yourself when in the public eye.
    I suspect you may have found yourself reacting to the fan’s general opinion that Edd was in fact the show. If you think otherwise you clearly misunderstand your audience and the very reason they watch the show and have in addition completely overestimated your contribution to the programme.
    To summarise Edd is not to blame for the fans disliking your personality or your delivery and your subsequent behaviour only lends credence to their claims.

  8. Only watched WD to see Edd, Mike was just embarrassing, and while Mike was the guy doing the deals I would never buy a car from such wide boy, you’d pay Edd more as he’s genuine.

    Hope Edd finds a good project to take on, Mike your a dope

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