Wheeler Dealers: Mike Brewer’s side of the story


Would you believe that Wheeler Dealers has graced our screens for just over 14 years now? The show first aired on October 7th, 2003, which saw host Mike Brewer purchase an old Porsche 924 for just £700.

His new co-presenter, Edd China, then spent an additional £310 fixing the car’s problems before the duo made a profit of just £490 upon sale. In fact, the combined profit from the first six cars they flipped during Series 1 was just £1,518.50. My, how things have changed.

All in all, Mike and Edd flipped some 135 cars in the years which followed and amassed a global audience of more than 138-million people. It is understandable then, that any changes made to the show’s winning formula after all that time would no doubt be met with fierce criticism and an outpouring of grief from fans – which is unfortunately exactly what happened earlier this year. I am of course talking about Edd China’s decision to leave Wheeler Dealers.

In a video posted on YouTube, Edd revealed his decision to leave centred around suggestions that the workshop aspects of the show were set to be reduced for Series 14.

Edd’s announcement came as a huge shock to Mike: “I’m obviously upset and gutted that Edd’s decided to leave the programme because we’ve got a very strong relationship and a close bond after 13 years and 135 cars,” he said at the time.

Speaking to MotoringBox, Mike Brewer has revealed the impact Edd’s announcement had on his family, plus his daily struggle to convince fans that his intentions for the show have only ever been good.

“The past year has been very difficult for me and my family due to the manner in which the public believe Edd China left the show,” Mike says. “Edd posted numerous videos explaining his reasons for leaving – he has in effect shown his hand and declared his position. The reasons he talks about are clear, concise and now out there. These are Edd’s reasons whether I agree or not.”

“The abuse that me and my family have suffered as a result of Edd’s statements effects more than just me. It affects the crew, my friends, the fans, the charities and my employees and employers. I have been abused in the street, restaurants, supermarkets and at car shows because Edd made the decision to leave and quit the show? His reasons are clear and out there for people to draw their own conclusions.” – Mike Brewer

In the months following Edd’s announcement, Mike has struggled in vain to try and reassure fans that contrary to what was said, the upcoming series of Wheeler Dealers would be ‘business as usual’.

“They feared, based solely on Edd’s statement, the worst for the future of Wheeler Dealers, a car show the fans care deeply about,” he says. “It has taken some months and some patience against a continued tide of abuse to reach where we are today. Now that the public can finally see the show, it was in fact as I had said all along.”

“I wish to make it perfectly clear that at no point was Edd ever asked to have his role in the program reduced. And please remember I never even knew he was going. Edd never told me.” – Mike Brewer

Mike also took a moment to discuss the infamous video which emerged online earlier this month of him talking about Edd at a classic car show in the US, suggesting it appeared to be far more damning than it was in reality.

“The video was shown out of context as it is just an edited shorter clip from a much longer video in which I actually praise Edd,” Mike maintains. “I of course stand by what I said in the shorter edited version. I echoed a fact, which is well known within production, that in Edd’s world he had become a star so he had the ability to pick and choose what he wanted to do on the program.”

“I also went on to explain that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last 13 years working with him and I wish him all the best. If Edd took offence to this then he knows he can contact me,” Mike added.

Whichever side of the fence you currently sit on, one thing you can be sure of is that Mike’s fierce defence of Wheeler Dealers reveals just how important the long-running show is to him.

“I live and breathe this show I nurtured over the past thirteen years,” he says. “Wheeler Dealers is in effect my baby, but above that the show is my job, my livelihood, my bread winning support for my family and my career that I have proudly built over the past 20 years entertaining people on car shows.”

“Going forward, Discovery and Velocity channel have placed huge faith in me and the global brand of Wheeler Dealers. And I wish to thank them. Ant Anstead has entered the show as my new sidekick, and he is amazing, hard-working, skilled and a real orator who knows his craft exactly. The network is rightly thrilled with the results and it is through hard work, determination and pure passion for what we do that we have delivered yet another record audience show. Wheeler Dealers continues to grow.”

“I hope now the show is out that we will build on the success of the reboot and continue to deliver this amazing show that’s to be enjoyed by car fans.”



  1. So sorry to hear the torment that has aimed at you. You and Ed were a rare and wonderful combination of talent and meshing personalities. I sorely miss Ed and his informative presentation of procedure. I am happy to hear that the new format was accepted by your audience. I will continue to watch but it will never be the same for me. Best of luck!

  2. I can’t believe the abuse some “fans” have been giving out,I’m sure Mike can take it but against his family is just plain wrong
    I’ve been a fan of the show from series one.I worked security on the airfield where filming took place and it was interesting seeing how things were edited together-though quickly started to enjoy the actual point of the show !
    Havnt seen new series yet(my only real complaint as shown later in uk)so keeping an open mind and hoping the mechanical bits stay,not just bolting on shiny new bits on expensive motors
    Fingers crossed and good luck

  3. This story leaves out the incident where Mike “requested” Ed to remove a transmission Ed felt wasNOT AT FAULT. It seems that egos have gotten in the way of a very seemingly genuine working friendship!

  4. What a load of old Codswallop Mike, it was clear for all to see that peoples respect for Edds ability made you feel inferior which in a technical sense you are. There was obviously tension and incidents that were never mentioned, which is why the friendly banter between you guys got so bitter toward the end, it is also strange that Edd didn’t appear in certain episodes until late in the day and when he did there was a bad atmosphere on camera thinking here of the chevy pick up in the states. I guess every show runs its course its a massive shame that both of your ego’s got in the way.

    • Says the man on the outside looking in. Must be nice to be so absolutely certain of events which you know nothing about. Codswallop indeed.

  5. The contempt this programme has for its viewers is clear by the fact they are showing it in the USA but the UK has to wait 5 months!

    The programme makers and probably Mike as well are driven by one thing – the money available in the states.

    My opinion is that Edd stood by his principles, something Mike should have done. Others may have a differing opinion which is fine and is their right, but this is what I believe from the obvious tensions that have built up within the show.

    • You do know the show is a for profit venture don’t you? Since when is finding more profitable venues a sin? To listen to you one would think Wheeler Dealers was a charitable enterprise.

  6. I’ve lost a heap of respect for mike over this latest video which seems aimed more at stoking the fires just to promote the ‘convenient timing’ of the new series of wheeler dealers which just happens to be airing now!
    Personally, I think mike’s killed the whole premise of the show now – how can it be about 2 mates doing up cars to sell on and split the profits when he’s now also seemingly coming across like he’s the boss who gets his current ‘sidekick’ to do all the dirty work…… if it’s going to be like that then labour charges have to be included in the builds and craftsmen like Ant Anstead or Ed China don’t come cheap!

    • It’s Mike’s show. The mechanic is his sidekick.

      If they include the labor in this show about fixing up your own car to resell at a profit, maybe they should include the TV production costs, too. Maybe the electricity bill?

  7. Am sure both have regrets.

    Show not what it was, fixing up and saving old cars.

    But its still good, thought there was enough American resto shows tho.

    Ant will be great, Edd will have some kind of show that suits his excellent skills.

    And theres always Fuzz Townshend and Car SOS for Brit resto.

  8. What Mike frequently leaves out of all his statements nd social media posts. Is that Edd has never publicly said or posted anything negative about Mike. Edd has been open and honest and a true gentleman throughout. He even posted a video on his YouTube channel asking people not to abuse or threathen Mike or his family. Edd just wants to get on with his life (hardly acting like a supposed superstar)
    Mike has continued to bad mouth Edd at every opportunity he gets.
    I’m extremely disappointed n Mike’s behaviour. He should take a leaf out of Edd’s book, and show some dignity.

  9. It was a UK based show and should have remained a UK show ,finding and restoring vehicles found in and around the British Isles and Europe , .we have enough car restoration programmes from America . WHeeler Dealers is uniquely British or was , now it’s like so many others from others from the US . ED was and is a fantastic mechanic ,with a make do and mend attitude ,which struck a cord with the guys in the garage,trying to restore their cars on a budget ,that now appears to have been lost . That said although I can see his point over leaving ,it should not have led to Mike his family and friends receiving abuse. That is so wrong ,but I think now WD will suffer the same fate as Top Gear , might have the old name ,but no where near as good . If Ed ,pulls a show together based on repairing Brit Classics in a small back st garage on a budget ,he will soon have his UK following back .The new WW is ok ,but it just hasn’t got the common individual hands dirty feel any more . A sad mistake to take it over the pond in so many ways .

  10. since the news broke of the split. I have watched both parties through social media and you tube, and I must say that Edd is the only one who comes out of this with any credit. Mike as seemingly at any opportunity ad digs at Edd.meanwhile Edd maintains his dignity. I agree the timing of this suggests that it’s all about promoting the new series? it was evident in the last series that tensions were growing between the pair, I for one will not be watching it when it arrives over here as it as sold it’s soul to the USA.

  11. And when has Mike bad mouthed Edd? By saying Edd never told him he was leaving the show? To be honest I think that’s poor on Edd’s part and quite disrespectful. I would have thought the first person you would tell is the colleague you’ve worked so closely with over the years. As for egos, I think that’s rubbish too. What I saw were two people who had grown into the role but who were also being directed by the TV company and to be honest who can blame them? I find it bizzarre how people feel it’s ok to abuse Mike and his family over a TV Show and over something that wasn’t in his control. If people don’t like Mike or the show, turn over. Get a life for goodness sake. I respect both Mike and Edd and it was this very show that got me into restoring cars and actually ‘turning a profit’!

    • I’m guessing you didn’t watch the video Mike refers to, or the deleted tweets and comments from Mike? You really shouldn’t make assumptions without making sure you turn up here with some facts. Compare all the above to Edd’s social media and YouTube comments, and it’s pretty clear to see who is consistent with the truth!

  12. I’d ask both Mike and Edd to do what the rest of us have to do in our daily lives and work at their relationship. If they really care about the viewer, they’ll put their personal feelings aside, stick together and bring us more of what we love.

  13. we all know that mike is only in for the money, Ant Anstead was rubbish on his previous shows, and having seen clips of new wheeler dealers I am in no doubt that the show is worse without Edd China.

  14. Wow! Mike has really messed up this time! I’ve seen comments on YouTube videos about the split and Mike’s version has changed more times than he has changed his socks! If anyone actually believes what Mike has said previously (and in this article) at face value, then I do feel sorry for you! To be a good liar Mike, you need to have a good memory. Maybe if you try and remember some of the things you have been telling people, which turned out to be completely untrue, you might find it a lot easier to move on. Until then, you won’t regain the respect you are desperately searching for. It’s very clear to see that Edd was pushed from the show rather than leave of his own accord. The sooner you stop deleting nasty tweets and comments, the sooner this whole mess will clear up, but if you carry on making false claims, what do you really expect?

  15. I totally agree that for me wheeler dealers was a British show. I absolutely love the show and have watched every episode multiple times, I’ve followed mike and edd long before wheeler dealers with auto trader. I think they made a fantastic partnership. But you could see in the last series edd clearly wasn’t happy, the series looked staged and it was no surprise to me that edd left. I total agree with mikes decision to continue wheeler dealers and why wouldn’t you just because edd didn’t want to continue then there’s no reason for Mike not to. I think that people should never judge some one for carrying on with something on there own. To treat someone in the street the way mike has, is not acceptable and down right childish if you ask me. The man deserves to make a living like all of us.
    I have watched the first episode of the new series with ant and I thought the episode was excellent. Ant did a fantastic job and him and Mike worked well together. In fact it felt more like the original uk series than the last few USA series ever did. Good on you Mike , continue to make this show. Tv for me would not be the same without wheeler dealers. Good luck with the new series, if the first episode is anything to go by it will be fantastic.

  16. I just wish there was no ill feeling between you both, for me Edd made the show.You have gone your separate ways be friends life is to short. I think the failing was taking it to the states.

  17. I do think it’s a shame to take Wheeler Dealers over the pond. The show in the UK was just right with Mike’s skill as a buyer/seller and Ed’s ability as a mechanic/engineer.
    I do believe that the American show will make Mike very rich. Money always does win in the end.
    I just believe that this is a shame for the UK.

  18. The 2 issues for me are the way in which Edd China left the show and the taking the show to the American market. This does not excuse the haters who are abusing Mike and his family – no one deserves that sort of abuse over a car show however it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth especially for the UK audience and followers. I’ve seen Mikes tweets comparing taking the show to a global audience and your favourite band going on tour – this doesn’t compare Mike – the show was always a British show from your Auto Trader days to present. If you want to do your favourite band global tour comparison does that mean the next series will be in Australia, the following in Japan, next again in India etc. Yes you are a breadwinner and have to make a living but in my opinion you sold out for the money and money alone. Good luck Mike and I hope you and Edd can reunite on amicable terms one day.

  19. Wow, that’s a different side to the story! I believe the truth is, as always, somewhere in the middle! lol It’s really unfortunate that he’s gotten the hate that he’s gotten on Facebook as Mike seems a genuinely nice, albeit goofy, guy! I’m definitely going to give this new season a try, although I’m already asking myself, “What kind of a name is Ant?”

  20. How Come its showing on Velocity 1st? This is where the money is coming from, when they began making shows and telling you the cost is dollars, the show was geared for the US, there would have been no show without Mike and Edd but I feel its now an American Focused show and I will give it a go,and lets see where we go from there

  21. It’s showing on Velocity first because it’s a Velocity show now. Discover sold it to them and if you paid attention to Edd’s video, that was a main ingredient to the breakdown between him in and the show. Velocity wanted to make changes he didn’t agree with. This was more out of Mike’s hands than it looks. It’s no excuse for any bad behavior on his part though. He did have a right to be upset for awhile, but carrying it on is silly.

  22. It’s just a good car program so why all the hate it’s not as if The Jam split up again get over it & stop the bullying grow up enjoy the new show I will

  23. Very sad to hear about the abuse and upset caused by some people. I joined your show late in the series and thoroughly enjoyed every episode I watched. I also envied the people able to purchase some lovely cars after you had completed them. I look forward to the new show and you and your family have mine and many others support.

  24. Mike do not blame yourself with Eds exit all good things eventually come to an end..I am sure he is not bitter with you but like any business things do happen. I am ashamed that you are getting abuse off fans who are not aware of the full story. As with most changes people don’t like change but after a while it will be business as usual. Keep up the good work!

  25. so preconceptions about used car dealers are not wrong 🙂 maybe they are really suspicions and dishonest people who “sometimes” lies 🙂

  26. You could tell in the last series something wasn’t quite right between Ed and Mike the magic seemed missing as was Ed from a lot of the series….
    I personally think that Ed was home sick and not happy at working for so much of the year away from home and this much more than anything is his main reason for leaving.

  27. To be honest, I enjoyed watching the show, but it NEVER made any sense. There was never enough profit made on a vehicle to make it worth the effort. I was impressed by Ed’s ingenuity and common sense ideas and efforts, and wondered why he’d stick with Mike, who wasn’t even covering costs on each of his semi-profitable ideas. Almost NONE of the cars purchased made any sense as an investment opportunity. Mike struck me as a shady used car dealer who lived off Ed’s back as a competent mechanic. I am NOT surprised at all the Ed left. I briefly met you both at SEMA a few years ago, and I think the popularity swamped your common sense. I’m sad to see Ed go. I like the show premise, BUT try to focus on projects that support the premise that you can make a living flipping interesting cars. You guys never made enough (from strictly the car flips) to live on….NOT realisttic And Ed did ALL THE WORK! Mike was only mildly annoying. I’d rather watch a show about Ed, then Mike….just saying….

  28. Personally, I really liked it before & with not having DiscoverTV (come on you repeats) I will like it just as much, as Ant is a class act in his own right & one day he will be missed as well, but hopefully not for a very long time. Keep it going Mike.


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