6 Reasons to Avoid a Panoramic Sunroof


There’s nothing I love more than the look of a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof. Whether you’re looking at the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class or the more lowly Kia Optima, vehicles equipped with full black tinted glass roofs simply look the business. I especially like the contrast between the dark roof and lighter paint colours, such as a beautiful snow white-pearl or light silver metallic.

Most people would tend to agree with how good they look, but having owned a panoramic sunroof equipped vehicle for the past 3 years or so, I feel there are some important issues which new car buyers need to know about before ticking that box on the options list.



1. Increased heat entering the vehicle

This might seem obvious, but a panoramic sunroof creates a massive window (literally) through which heat from the sun can enter your vehicle. The severity of this issue depends on your location in the world, how hot the summer temperatures are and also the clearness of the sky, which has an effect on the strength of the sunlight. Here in Australia, we regularly see summer daytime temperatures in excess of 40c (104f), with crystal clear blue skies allowing the strength of the sun to reach simply murderous levels.

On days like that, leaving any vehicle (sunroof or not) out in the sun for 15 minutes or more and interior temperatures will sky-rocket, but a panoramic sunroof equipped car makes the situation even worse, with heat from the sun overhead essentially having a direct path in. You’d think tinted glass would help somewhat, but sadly it makes little difference. Tinted glass works on the principle of absorbing the heat itself instead of allowing it to pass through into the interior, essentially creating a large super-heated element across the top of your vehicle.

The retractable cloth sunshades fitted directly below the panoramic sunroof do reduce the amount heat which transfers down into the cabin, but also enables an incredible amount of heat to build up in the space in-between. This heat continues to radiate through for quite some time after you get in and start driving, meaning your vehicle’s air-conditioning system has to work a lot harder to bring the cabin back down to a comfortable temperature and then maintain that temperature.



2. Reduced headroom

You’d think that optioning a panoramic sunroof in your vehicle would give you more headroom, but usually this is not true. The additional space required for the panoramic sunroof’s motor mechanism and sunshade rollers means that your car will most likely have less headroom compared to if you went without it. Sometimes the difference can be as much as 5cm (2 in).

Retracting the sunshade or opening the sunroof itself often doesn’t fix the issue, either, as the opening itself doesn’t go far enough across in relation to where the driver’s head is located. Put simply, taller drivers would have to tilt their head on an angle towards the centre of the car in order to have their head positioned within the panoramic roof opening, clearing the headliner. The only other alternative for tall people is to recline the seat back further in an attempt to gain more headroom, but this can create ergonomic issues relating to steering wheel and pedal reach.

So if you’re rather tall, do try out the seating position in a panoramic sunroof equipped vehicle before you decide to order or purchase one. You’ve been warned!



3. Added weight where you don’t want it

Manufacturers work hard to reduce the weight of their vehicles as it pays dividends when it comes to acceleration, braking and fuel economy. Where possible, they also try to position heavy objects (such as the engine, gearbox and fuel tank) as low down in the vehicle as possible, in order to improve vehicle stability and handling.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that a 100kg+ (220lb+) glass roof running across the very top of the vehicle isn’t exactly the best idea. The reason they weigh so much is due to glass being a heck of a lot thicker and heavier than steel or aluminium roof panels, not to mention all the additional reinforcing bars, electric motors and drainage channels required.

Think about it another way. Having a panoramic sunroof fitted to your vehicle is essentially the same as having an additional 100kg+ passenger in your car permanently.



4. Added complexity and noise

While it may be similar to the weight factor I mentioned above, this is an important issue to consider in its own right. Panoramic sunroofs introduce added complexity to a vehicle. Suddenly you’ve got two or more heavy glass panels; motors, channels and rollers for the sunshade; plus the main motor and sliding mechanism for the sunroof panel itself.

Aside from all being parts which could break or go wrong, they’re all positioned directly above your head, with the potential for a myriad of rattles, squeaks and flexing noises to develop and annoy the hell out of you as you drive along. It is also worth noting that raindrops hitting a glass roof are a heck of a lot louder, too.

A conventional steel/aluminium roof is not only quieter but most importantly there’s nothing hiding behind the roof lining that could rattle or break in the future.



5. Reduced structural integrity

When it comes down to it, a panoramic sunroof is essentially a giant hole in the roof of your vehicle, and while they do contribute to the structural rigidity of the vehicle, it’ll never be as good or as strong as a vehicle with a conventional roof. It is also worth considering that, by design, the rubber seals themselves are not 100% waterproof. While the rubber seals do keep the majority of the water out, panoramic sunroofs rely instead on water drainage channels within the roof of the vehicle to keep the moisture out.

These drainage points can sometimes clog, potentially causing the drainage channels to overflow and leak water into the cabin.



6. How often will you actually use it?

People often purchase convertible vehicles because they imagine they’ll get the roof down all the time, but the reality is very different. Often it is simply too hot, too cold or too windy to drive with the roof down and as a result the driver eventually stops using it. From what I’ve seen, panoramic sunroof equipped vehicles often suffer a similar fate.

Like a convertible, a panoramic sunroof by design is an ‘all or nothing’ proposition. You can’t have the sunroof open unless the internal sunshades are completely retracted, meaning the entire vehicle is open to the sun. This makes it pointless to leave the sunroof open or tilted whilst parked (in an effort to vent hot air from the vehicle) as the glass roof will let in far more heat than the sunroof can expel.

In addition, sunroofs are often too loud to have open at speeds above 80kmh (50mph), unless you enjoy yelling at your passengers in order to have a conversation.


So, would you still option a panoramic sunroof?

Despite their flaws, some vehicle owners do love their panoramic sunroofs. Perhaps they live in a more forgiving climate, or the system employed in their vehicle is better designed than the ones I have dealt with in the past. But I do know that the next time I go to purchase a vehicle, I’ll definitely save the money and go without a panoramic sunroof.

They may look fantastic and the idea of owning a vehicle with one is extremely appealing, but do consider my warning that the reality might not live up to your expectations. Think long and hard about it before you pull the trigger on that particular option.

Do you own a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof? If so, what are your thoughts?


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with Sean’s comments, and add that a used car warranty does NOT cover panoramic sunroofs. Why not? When they go wrong, they can go very seriously wrong. I recently bought a 2007 Mercedes A200 Elegance from a reputable non Mercedes used car dealer and paid top dollar. On the test drive I did not notice undue noise but several days after purchasing it I detected a whistling wind noise. The roof appeared fully closed so I dismissed the roof as the cause. However, on opening and closing the roof several times it did not close fully on the rear right hand side. I took it to a panel beater who detected the closing mechanism was broken. Then took it to a Mercedes dealer who inspected it and told me it probably needs replacing. The cost $13-14,000 parts only add probably 2 days lablour removing head lining, removing, and refitting, the end cost could be $18,000! This is why you do NOT buy a car with a sunroof especially a BMW or Mercedes, and more especially NOT in Australia. Over time the plastics used deteriorate and fail. What did I do? I disabled the opening controls, and will NOT use it again. I have gaffa taped lid and sealed it off. I turned the water hose on full bore and there were no leaks. The cost $5.60. HEED SEAN’S ADVICE.

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience Patrick. I’m sure there are plenty of happy panoramic sunroof owners out there, but as you discovered, buying a vehicle with one does come with its fair share of risks. In your case I’d definitely look into taking the car to an alternative dealership or garage to see what they say, as the price you’ve been quoted is astronomical. If you can get it fixed cheaply and sell the car off you might get more money back than if you leave the gaffa tape on there. Good luck.

    • Funnily enough, after replying here i’ve started noticing a Mercedes-Benz ad appearing on websites I’ve been visiting, stating “Always request an authorised Mercedes-Benz repairer. Don’t compromise on safety.”

      • Hello Sean,
        Your comments about panoramic car ceilings are to the point. Not regarding exactly what we are talking here, but my plan is to make one 12 seater Mercedes pick up van with total glass roof and windows. There are many hurdles to this project. The biggest problem is harsh weather, The temperatures sometimes gets down to -40. I am a physician and also run a “Business of Kindness.” This glass – top van is to be used for our residents to get them out of the confines of the building during the long winter months.
        Please visit our website, and I would need your expertise to help me in this unique project.

      • Can a panoramic roof be removed, and a extendable roof put in its place, like on campervans.or would this make shell to weak

        • I doubt it would affect the shell strength but I don’t know how you’d do it. More trouble than it is worth, probably.

  3. Well it depends on personal preferences, for me I can’t imagine the beauty of my Mercedes without the panoramic roof, it gives the car a looks and sexiness. Also it saves me on petrol because on a high way and urban drive I don’t open aircon, the sunroof bring in the cooler air with much lesser noise than when opened the windows. It terms of the risks of it gets faulty, I see no difference to it and the electric windows they can also be faulty. I don’t complain it terms of the sunlight when parked, if the blind is closed. In short I love my panoramic sunroof & if it gets faulty after my car is out of warranty, I don’t mind I will pay to get it fixed in Merc approved places to get it work properly.

  4. I have a Skoda Yeti with a panoramic sunroof, which is only closed when parked..I love having it open, at all speeds, during all seasons; the only thing that makes me keep it closed is pouring rain! I open it to release heat when parked during hot & sunny weather, & all of my passengers who don’t have a panoramic roof mention how quickly the hot air rises out of the car – in fact, I have the aircon on (the cool air stays low within the car), & still enjoy the sunshine without feeling the roast.
    I have the roof open in winter to enjoy the sunshine & have the heater on – the warm air swirls around my feet to my shoulders & I still get to enjoy the ‘outdoor’ feeling.
    If it sprinkles, I check the cow hide – if it gets drips that don’t dry pretty much straight away then I reluctantly close the gaping hole in my roof.
    I make sure my Skoda dealer pays particular attention to the lube & drain cleaning requirements of my roof at each service, & I’ve hd no trouble at all.
    I will never have a tin can again; always a glass view upwards to enjoy the tall buildings in the city and the beautiful grandiose treetops of the forests. So much better than all my other cars. I am an avid motorcyclist though, so being addicted to wind & weather is in my blood hahaha!

      • I have a top-of-the-range 2013 Skoda Yeti 2L 125bhp diesel 4×4 tow car for my caravan and I love the large sunroof, the self-parking control and all the other bells/whistles. But tbh, the reason I’m here is that it has just developed a hard-to-find rattle which is seemingly coming from the sunroof, only when tilted up. It also started ‘growling’ when starting to side it back. I just hope it is repairable and at no cost to me! Sounds like lubricant is needed. So, it is a great car but caution is urged if having a car with Panasonic sunroof. I will try to update when dealer report is available.

    • Awesome! I am looking at them as well. I love the sun’s warmth and joyous qualities beyond the mere view. I am test driving mostly vehicles with this option/feature. Granted I live in the USA in a cold climate so 7 months out of the year the solar gain and brightness is a true bonus in my mind.

  5. I live in Phoenix, AZ and here its not rare to see them hit 115 f with some days getting to 117 f. The local news did a short segment where they left a car outside during the day and put a thermometer inside and the temperature in the car reached 160 f something with a hot spot of 175 f ish on the dashboard/front of the car. So here is probably an even worse idea.

    • Yes, but they fail to mention that they also come with the ability to close off the panoramic glass by closing the screen as well.

      There are times that the sun is coming in at an angle that it creates a glare on my touch screen. So I just close the shade and presto… you have a normal car roof.

      This helps in deflecting the sun’s heat as well.

      • The article mentioned that even with the shade, heat builds between the glass and the shade. So no, sunroofs, panoramics or otherwise a, shade or not, will never be like a normal roof.

        • I have a panoramic and an all-black interior…should be a recipe for a hot mess, right?

          It’s not. The car is warmer with the glass exposed, but I just close the shade and it keeps the car plenty cool…I find I don’t have to rub the AC any higher than I did with my old car, which had no sunroof at all. And since the new car has a more efficient AC, it actually cools down more quickly. Plus the ventilated seats help.

          And in the winter, the same warming from keeping the shade open can be a benefit.

          I am concerned with the prospect of squeaks and leaks, but I don’t live in a super warm or super cold climate, so I don’t think my roof will be stressed out as many as many. And an acquaintance has had the same model car with a panoramic roof for four years and she’s not yet had a single problem. Hopefully my luck with be the same.

  6. Was thinking of buying the Hyundai i30 with the Panoramic sunroof…it is quite tinted and looks amazing. i have Googled and found that a lot of people love it but have also found that there have been a lot of cases where the tempered glass that they use for the panoramic sunroofs have exploded…im not entirely sure why they explode as i have seen videos of how they test it and it looked pretty safe…quite concerned now

    • Panoramic sunroofs can explode, but from what I’ve read it is quite a rare event and difficult to pinpoint the reason why in each case. There are many other things that can go wrong with a panoramic roof, and an explosion is probably the last thing I’d be worried about.

        • Interesting – my 2015 C250 did exactly the same thing last week, still in warranty but MB will not accept it exploded but say it was a stone chip which could have happened some time ago. Did MB replace yours?

  7. I have been driving for 3-4 years now with a Mercedes-Benz A-class with the panoramic roof.
    It was a must-have after growing accustomed to the light in the car after driving a Alfa-Romeo Brera. Which had a very nice windshield that extended over the roof giving a ver wide viewing-angle. But it didn’t open up and.. heavy as that car already was, it added too much weight for it to be comfortable. (imagine thick wheels on a overweight car. Add glas panels to it. Riding on a rough highway.. Even the radio was drowned out of the noise that made…)

    The Mercedes is another story: the car is still light and agile. The use of the roof… it’s about 2 months a year. Where you can “air out the car” easily or just tilt the panel to get a little airflow. In the summertime it s amazing and it adds to a more voluminous feeling in the car. (my girlfriend has the same car without the roof, it doesn’t bother but it feels more… “cosy” in a way.)

    It boils really down to the brand and car-characteristics in my mind. The Mercedes is worth it for me. While the Alfa gave a better “viewing experience” while it made it quite uncomfortable to drive long times with it.

  8. Thanks for everyone’s comments. I am considering purchasing either a Nissan Murano or a Hyundai Santa Fe. Personally, I couldn’t care less about have a panoramic sunroof but my wife likes it. I had a melanoma several years ago and I am worried about the sun rays getting through. The melanoma was on the inside of my leg but I don’t have as much hair as I used to. So long as the sun shades are available and I can block out the sun coming in, then I am okay with the extra heat. I am guessing the only time I would have it open would be a night drive anyway. But my main concern is whether all cars with the panoramic sunroof have the sun shades to block out the sun. We have a Honda CR-V that has a regular sunroof and there is a sunshade which I always keep closed. I have no idea if the Murano or Santa Fe have the sunshades. I welcome any thoughts on my reasoning. Thanks in advance.

  9. I have a VW Tiguan and love our panoramic sunroof! I will not consider a car without one. I live in Victoria and use it almost year round on city driving as well as country touring. Our shade can be laft closed with the roof open so great to get the air but not the strong sun, the heat dissipates very quickly once driving and then we close it to allow A/C to work efficiently. Love it, love it, love it!!!

  10. We own a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport with a fixed Panoramic Roof and a Pwer Sunshade. At night the Panoramic Roof also glows from the LED track lighting the GT model comes with which gives and amazing look. We purchased this one for the simple reason it was huge and one piece and does not open. We wanted an open cabin feel to be able to see out and enjoy the view and it very much does that. Couldnt be happier with the vehicle and that feature!!!

  11. The Genesis G80 sunroof is huge and has less heat issues, unlike benz, audi, etc, the retractable shade in very thick and blocks ALL light and heat from entering the cabin. I guess the German manufacturers need to take notes.

    • My 2015 genesis ultimate 3.8 awd panaromic sunroof literally came off the tracks while open at highway speeds then proceeded to open and close leaving it in a limped position unable to fully retract. Brought it to the dealer and they manually closed it. I’m waiting on parts to have it replaced. Suffice it to say, it’s great when it works, but is destined to fail. The seals have already been replaced once after 12 months and the roof has been rattling since I leased the vehicle. The companies that make them do so for all the manufacturers so the brand of vehicle is irrelevant. They are all made in Japan by the same three companies.

  12. Hello guys I read your comments and one thing I have to tell you that I owned the car with panoramic roof for 3 years and I think only used it for 3 – 5 times. Also once I was thinking that if anything gone wrong the Panoramic roof reduce the safety as well.

    So therefore I will stick to the point here that I will never buy a car again with panoramic roof.


  13. I love the sunroofs
    There are sunroofs avaliable which do have an heat reflecting coating. Idt does not get warmer, and in siome cases the carmaker got rid of the roller sytems, since the thermal comfort is not improved by it. then you save weight and gain heardspace.

  14. I love my panoramic sunroof. My previuos car was a VW Touran and now I have a VW SportsVan – both with panoramic sunroof. My wife loves it and my kids too. When the roof is closed it brings a lot of daylight into the car. So far I have not experience any trouble with the roof construction. I think that depends where you live in the world. If you live in place with very warm summers with temp. aound 35-40 degrees then you have more challenges with the heat. In the continental Europe the max temp is about 33-35 in summer making is ideal for convertible/Open roof driving.

  15. Hey, can you comment on the Opel Astra GTC?
    It has a panoramic roof (no sun roof opening) and in the cabin area you have the choice to ‘unfold’ the a fabricated area which has its own plastic cover (meaning that it could be closed whenever- rain, sun etc.. of course it adds to the cars wight,but it puts to question some cars)
    I’m thinking of purchasing one and would be happy to hear from an experienced owner of panoramic sunroof (;

  16. I just had my panoramic moonroof shattered into a million pieces over my kid’s heads after a light pole fell on us at a stoplight. We were covered in glass. I understand this is a freak accident but it leads to a nunber of other safety questions. I will never get one again.

  17. > You can’t have the sunroof open unless the internal sunshades are completely retracted,
    > meaning the entire vehicle is open to the sun.

    Not true in my model. The shade and roof are independent, and I can have the shade as open or closed as I want.

    Also don’t get all this talk about noise. My car is very quiet with the roof. Very little road noise. I tested it against a Lexus ES350 (without a panoramic…I don’t even think they make one for the Lexus ES) and my car was about 80 as quiet already, and I understand when I get new tires if I get a certain Pirelli model it will be just about as quiet as a Lexus, because the tires were tested in both cars. As it is, I can hear myself breathing, even at highway speeds, so I’m happy.

  18. Well I have a 2 year old Audi S3 and have had all the rattles and creaks imaginable from my panoramic roof. Been back at the dealership 5 times and they have even replaced the frame with no solution. Just yesterday I had it retracted all the way back and when coming to close it…nothing. Wont respond to switches, keys or remotes. Fuses all fine, so most probable to be a motor fault now as well. But the best part is, car can only be booked in on January 4th 2017, and there is absolutely no manual override. So I cant use the car until then, cause being summer here in South Africa, it rains almost everyday. So would I ever buy a car with a pano roof again…NO!! 2 years of issues and now 2 weeks of not being able to use the car

  19. Glass roofs are a personal preference. But it is important to note that the issues described here are an extremely small percentage of the millions of glass roofed cars on the world’s roads. I have had one on a Cadillac for 17 years with zero problems. Had no problems on a Ford for 20 years with a moon roof with a manual sunshade. On hot days I left the roof partly open and the shade nearly closed. This allowed the heat out of the car better than anything else. My Audi S8+ has had no roof problems to date. Oh yes, I do remember a car I had with a sunroof problem. My ancient Audi 100S, back in the 70’s had a leaky sunroof. Of course it also leaked under the dash, in the trunk and everywhere else. It also wouldn’t stop in the rain, due to the inboard disk brakes. Really scary piece of junk.

    If you are basketball player height, I probably would not get a glass roof, but otherwise I would never buy a car without one, since they now seem like dark dungeons.

  20. With increasing temperatures in Australia and rising skin cancer rates I feel uneasy about another source of unwanted sun. Yes, it gives an open airy feeling but with all the other issues of weight, mechanical malfunction, exploding glass and squeaks and rattles – decided not to order it on a new X1 arriving soon. Have an M sports 125 (great car to drive) with a sunroof and occasionally I pull it back but not so enamoured that I would overlook all the negatives. They are real. I wear a hat when I pull the sunroof down though…

  21. My Yeti has a sunroof. We love it for the open cabin feeling. However it started to leak recently. We always parked on a hill with the front of the car pointing down. There are 4 drains in the sunroof, one in each corner. In the west of Ireland it rains a lot. We noticed water leaking down dead in the front middle of the sunroof. The garage never asked if we were on a hill and assumed it was a minor blockage in the drains. It happened again. It turns out that the water was pooling in the front middle of the sunroof and didn’t get a chance to drain. Ever since we have been parking level and haven’t had the problem since.

    Around the same time I lubricated the parts for opening and closing the sunroof. We notice that sometimes it can be difficult to get the sunroof to close, which can be a worry with rain due any minute. Eventually we do get it closed (sometimes an hour or two later after car restarts and tinkering with the control). I now just leave the damn thing shut.

    I’m looking to buy a new car soon, I will miss the sunroof, but only for the openness.

  22. I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT with the panoramic roof. It does not come on the regular Elantra. I love it. I have owned many convertibles over the years , but decided to try a panoramic roof. It is almost like a ragtop, but I feel safer and have hardly any of the wind noise and turbulence you have with a ragtop.
    It has the electric sunshades you can close but only if the roof is closed also. I have the roof open quite a bit, even in winter, and I live in Maine. If it gets too chilly, I just close it part way and put the heat on.
    I had not heard about any of them exploding, and assume it is a rare thing. What causes them to explode?
    If I trade this in the future, I would consider the AWD Tucson also, as it has the big roof option.

  23. Definitely what I wanted to know. I love the idea of a skyroof but with all these issues, probably better (for the hip pocket as well) to do without! Thanks a tonne srsly 😀

  24. One concern is if a semi truck wheel and tire break’s off and bounces on top of the moon roof equipped vehicle. I am almost certain the glass would shatter and the passenger compartment would have a semi truck wheel and tire inside of it (or at least bouncing off it), not a pretty sight.

    • Actually I saw a programme the other week testing cars with panoramic sunroofs and you would be amazed at their strength.!!! full sized iron anchors dropped on them did not leave even a scratch!!!

  25. You could write an article like this for like everything in your life: kids, pet, house, flat, swimming pool… etc.
    pros and cons

    I have a sunroof on xc60 and I love it

    All the best

  26. I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Gt with the panoramic sunroof and I do not think I would buy another car that had one ever again. Other than the points mentioned above they can be very expensive to repair. The plastic liner under the roof cracked on mine and by the time it was replaced the cost was $4000 CAD. Luckily it was still under warranty…barely.
    They had to replace the headliner as well due to water staining in the left rear corner as well as some rails which was not in the original $4000 quote.

  27. My 2012 Mercedes E350 Iridium Silver is beautiful and has not posed any problems whatsoever. No noise, no leaks, no explosions, no structural problems, no heat that is unmanageable, etc. And the extra weight hasn’t caused me to flip the car over.

  28. Thanks. I’ve never liked sunroofs as they all tend to be troublesome eventually, leak, are noisy when open and serve no purpose other than watching an aircraft or bird fly over. I was considering one of the vista roofs but your article helped me not jump into the same old trap. I seldom used them when I had them.

  29. I do not agree. I have just bought a car with a fixed panoramic sunroof and I love it!! the glass roof makes the vehicle inside seem lighter and bigger more scenery and I actually cant wait to drive in the thunder and rain!!! Mine has an electric blind so I can cover it as I wish. Cars which have opening sunroofs are a pain especially in britain as you hardly use the, I had a car with a removable roof once and I never used it!! So I dosagree with you panoramic sunroofs are ace!!

    • Hello Helen….Thanks for your cheery and reasonable comments! I just got a VW Tiguan with one and was feeling a tiny bit concerned for its usage and safety. But, on a ride today,
      realized the car seems lighter inside….and I love the air. Although I laugh a bit at my concern since I’ve driven convertibles for years. Cheers
      to panoramic sunroofs!!!

  30. I totally agree with this blog. “There’s nothing I love more than the look of a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof.” Thanks so much for all those wonderful ideas about sunroof.

  31. Okay, you talked me out of it. I was very DETERMINED that I wanted a panoramic sunroof on the Kia Sportage and, darn it – I just HAD to read your article. I live in Florida and being hotter is not a temperature goal of mine.

    But, why didn’t you stress the explosive sunroofs?! That should have been 7 reasons for sure.

    • You do hear about panoramic roofs exploding occasionally, but the issue seems fairly uncommon. So you’d probably have to be pretty unlucky to have it happen to you.

      Still, a metal roof will never shatter into millions of razor sharp pieces and rain down on top of you – so it is something to consider.

  32. I was planning on buying either an Audi S3 or GTI until I realized the “Panoramic Sunroof” disaster. I live in Tucson, AZ so there is NO WAY I would be able to deal with that. I have a BMW 135 with a moonroof, however, at least it is solid, not the see-through cheap material Audi/VW are using.
    I was recently in Boston and rented an Aud Q3 with a panoramic sunroof, the car would get so hot that I couldn’t stand it. It wasn’t even Arizona.
    For this reason I will buy a new BMW 2 Series, Audi/VW, please get smarter.

  33. The pano sunroof motor on my 55,000km Superb has gone. I’d waited until an example had come up for sale. Now wish I hadn’t. Not covered by the extended warranty either. I’m dreading the call back from the dealer to tell me how much I’m going to be fleeced for.

    • Sorry to hear about that. Aside from the cost of the motor, the labour charge to fit it might also be more than you imagine – as the entire roof lining will need to be dropped in order to access the motor location. It is also important to consider that if they need to remove the roof lining from the car entirely, the front windscreen will need to be taken out to create an opening big enough to do that.

      Here’s hoping you don’t get stung too badly for it.

  34. I have a 2010 VW Jetta Wagen TDI that VW will buy back in the next year. The cloth screen broke about a year ago and separated from the wire guides. I ripped it out and fortunately the roof is closed, albeit now permanently. I bought a $40 foam liner to keep things cooler in the meantime. At least USD $1500 to fix. Never again. Added reason – outrageous cost to repair if it malfunctions.

  35. I used to have Mercedes Benz E320 with Panoramic roof. It started making sqeeching sound every time it goes over a speed breakers. It was so annoying. I agree with the author. If you are leasing I think it is ok but never own it..

  36. I have had sliding roofs on my cars for years and would find it almost impossible to persuade myself to buy any car without one.

    My Honda Accord Estate is reasonably quiet and not too drafty at speed and I typically open the roof unless it is raining. There is nothing like fresh air!

    Of course my wife likes it shut.

  37. I always see a pretty young thing standing and waving, raised fingers/fists and balloons sticking out. I myself don’t need that much sun while driving or an escape hatch. How about two smaller (front and back) sun-roofs/sun-slits of the manual or semi-manual variety. A lot cheaper, lighter, quieter, structurally stronger and after market replaceable. Selectable shades would also be nice, clear, smoked, frosted, milked and headliner matching solid. Glass roofs………..er, no.

  38. I love my Golf7 sunroof too. Always a pleasure when I can open it and go for a ride with family or friends all people inside love it opened. I have the Golf for 4 years now from a brand new car I never had a sunroof malfunction or water intake, never ever, simply perfect optional VW item. I live in a temperate climate region and with no mistake, I do drive my Golf once every fortnight or less in average with sunroof totally opened, it means I opened it for at least 25-30 times a year even more. During sunny or cloudy weekends with cold or warm temperature opening it even in winter, 7-10 Celsius temp, sunny day and doors windows closed what´s the problem, open up your panoramic sunroof and enjoy its freedom sensation.

  39. My Kia Sportage has been perfectly fine with its pano roof. No issues with heat, leaks or any failures. Lovely airy and open feel when driving.

  40. Am building an MB E400 sedan in white, and really like the panoramic’s exterior black top on the white. However, I have never even opened my sunroof on my current car, and the glass just doesn’t seem as safe as metal. Once owned an SL, and never removed the top. Luckily, when I googled the panoramic safety aspects, I came across your article. Made my decision…I’ll just have a solid white car..not as pretty to look at, but much more practical in ways that hadn’t even occurred to me. Thanks.

    • We agree with your decision Rene! Of course, if you like the look of a black roof you can always have gloss-black vinyl wrap applied, or have the roof painted properly. I’ve seen plenty of people do that to their vehicles and it looks fantastic.

  41. Everyone is talking about the sunroof, though my Toyota Highlander 2017 has a panoramic moonroof? What is a difference between sunroof and moonroof? Is the moonroof more safe and less trouble than sunroof?

    • In theory it should be less terrible, yes, but many of the reasons listed in this article can still apply. Some people never have any issues with their glass roofs, so if you’re enjoying it and the car is comfortable it probably isn’t worth worrying about.

    • My recently purchased 1999 Toyota Corolla also has a moon roof – at least that’s how it’s described in the owner’s manual. My first sunroof car – a ’67 Beetle – was advertised that at nighttime it’s sunroof was a moonroof. I don’t think there’s any difference between the two.

      I do like the concept of the glass roof ( as long as it also opens) – though like the security a steel sunroof provides. Having an opening roof is one of my “must haves” for a car.

      The Beetle’s’ sunroof was a wind back roof, the electric roof on my Mercedes has a manual winder in the trunk should the electrics fail. What happens I wonder with the opening panoramic roofs – do they also tend to have manual overrides?

  42. My dealer put a paint protection film on the front and rear bumper of the car. Is there a similar protection film for the glass roof?

    • Some companies offer thicker window tint film which they suggest helps to hold the glass together in the event of it shattering. The helpfulness of this is debatable though.

  43. I have a 1995 Honda Integra with a glass sunroof. Mind you, it’s not a panoramic sunroof, but the smaller kind. I love it. It’s that little bit extra feeling of freedom at a press of a button. I have never had a problem with it – so that’s over 22 years of solid performance – no cracks, no leaks, no motor failure. And I use it all the time.

    I live in Queensland so the heat is the only one thing that might be a drawback, however it does have a hard lined sliding internal cover which I think makes all the difference. Without this, it truly would be impractical in the Queensland summers. So make sure the vehicle you are considering has a suitable sliding cover. It’s a deal-breaker without it. I suspect that most sunroofs do have one, but if it’s a flimsy shield compounded with a much larger panoramic size, this might be an issue.

    • I’ve never experienced any issues with conventional sunroofs, even in a few older vehicles I owned in the past. You still hear horror stories occasionally, though.

  44. Sean, you might never hear about the physical concept “thermal capacity” otherwise you won’t say the “incredible amount of heat to build up in the space in-between.” That heat amount is completely negligible, period.

    • I have never claimed to be an expert in thermodynamics, Paul, and the points mentioned in this article are based completely from my own experiences.

      I found the headliner on a car with a tinted glass roof to be significantly hotter than vehicles with conventional roofs. Due to my height and the close proximity of my head to the roof, it also felt as though it stayed hotter and radiated heat for longer after the air-conditioner started.

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