The Grand Tour

Clarkson and Hammond caught testing rideable luggage

The Grand Tour team are still out and about filming the final pieces of content for their upcoming Series 3, and this time it looks like the boys are out to revolutionise the way we transit through airports. Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were spotted this week at London’s Stansted Airport, where they were seen riding through the terminal on motorised luggage.

Clarkson was seen riding what appeared to be a custom-made brown leather motorised suitcase – complete with an extended carry handle providing a place for his feet to sit. Hammond on the other hand, was surfing something which looked more like a set of motorised weighing scales.

Typically, it all went wrong after Clarkson crashed his suitcase firstly into a fellow commuter at a gift shop, and later into an intricately arranged display of Toblerone chocolates. Perhaps the most tasty accident on the show so far.

Earlier this week we revealed that filming for the studio segments of The Grand Tour will take place on The Great Tew Estate between October and December 2018, suggesting a possible Series 3 release date of either November 23rd, November 30th or December 7th.

Do you think Clarkson and Hammond have what it takes to revolutionise the way we move through airports? Let us know in the comments below!

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