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Jeremy Clarkson drives a McLaren Senna in The Grand Tour Series 3

The team from The Grand Tour are back on home soil this week, after filming for their latest Cheap Car Challenge in China recently wrapped up – and judging by Jeremy Clarkson’s most recent posts on DRIVETRIBE, he’s getting straight back to work testing a new supercar for the show.

Clarkson, who has spent most of the past week driving an old BMW E38 7-Series, is now behind the wheel of the latest and most extreme supercar offered in the McLaren lineup – the Senna.

“This may just be the new best supercar,” Clarkson wrote on DRIVETRIBE. “It’s more delicate than any Ferrari, and more bonkers to behold than even the maddest Lambo.”

This is mostly because the Senna is powered by McLaren’s signature 4.0-litre V8 which has been used elsewhere in the range, but this time it is pumping out a massive 588kW (789bhp) and 800Nm (590lb ft) of torque. Add all of this power to a car which only weighs 1,200kg and you’ve got a pretty potent recipe on your hands.

Photos: Jeremy Clarkson / DRIVETRIBE

So how does the Senna perform? Well to give you an idea, it smashes the McLaren P1 to all increments from 0-186mph and is a whole second faster 0-124mph than a McLaren 720S. At 1198kg dry this is the lightest McLaren since the F1 and, and has the most impressive power-to-weight ratio of any road car McLaren has ever made.

When I used its launch control yesterday, the cameraman in the passenger seat, who’s used to holding on tight in such cars and such situations, said simply “fuck me”
– Jeremy Clarkson

The Senna probably isn’t the prettiest supercar you’ve ever seen – and on this point, McLaren would tend to agree. This is because the styling of the Senna is what they describe as being “unforgiving design in pursuit of absolute performance”.

It isn’t known at this stage when The Grand Tour Series 3 will kick off, but a November / December 2018 start is a safe bet. We can’t wait!

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senduk August 2, 2018 at 3:10 pm

the second pictures makes it looks weird. like it has smaller rear wheels. unforgiving design huh. but hey, at least it has split windows. i love split windows. my dad used to own a toyota sera back in the 90’s

vmaxbrakes August 21, 2018 at 3:41 pm

Great Piece of work by the writer, McLaren Senna is my favorite car in this segment gonna watch The Grand Tour Series 3 because of this car only.


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