The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson turns traffic warden for The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour’s social media team have released photos of Jeremy Clarkson in full traffic warden get-up, apparently roaming the streets of London looking for victims. While there is no word from the show’s producers on what exactly is going on here, it offers a unique look at what we might be seeing as part of The Grand Tour Series 3 later this year.

We wish we could say this is the first time we’ve seen Clarkson don a fake moustache, but we’ve seen it before during the police chase segment of Top Gear Series 21 Episode 1, and perhaps most famously when the boys became The Interceptors.

The Grand TourĀ will return to Amazon Prime towards the end of 2018. Expect a late November / early December release.

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vancouverbill/fionabolgna July 4, 2018 at 6:10 am

most unusual, I am at a loss for words…


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