Top Gear Series 19

Top Gear: Series 19, Episode 5

  • Jeremy and Richard design a vehicle exclusively for the elderly.
  • James tests the new Range Rover.
  • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: James McAvoy.

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Tonight’s episode begins with a challenge: Jeremy and Richard attempt to design a car targeted at elderly people. Jeremy demonstrates the complexity of modern cars’ dashboard. Richard brings a Fiat Multipla and they both modify it. Jeremy breaks the dashboard and replaces it, considering it to be too complicated for elders. Richard asks for the airbags saying that it is dangerous for the elderly who are as delicate as children, and that he needs it for a safety feature. Jeremy makes a speedometer which reads 20 mph at the top speed,and he also uses an old design switch for a rear fog light which does nothing. Jeremy installs a pet-cage and replaces the back seat with high seat chairs and the Fiat badge with a Rover badge. They paint it in beige after observing the shade of a hearing aid. Richard uses water-resistant fabric as seat covers, and hurts his eye while stitching it. They complete the car and end part 1 with Richard wearing heavy bandages over his left eye.

In the news, Volkswagen will launch a GTI version of the new Golf and a GT version of Up will be launched. Kia will launch the Pro Cee’d GT. The Mini Paceman is launched, and the trio mock the front end of the car, claiming that it looks depressing. The trio agree that the British are the best drivers. Alfa-Romeo releases photographs of the Gloria, in which the trio make fun of its name. Richard had arrived late so James and Jeremy had attempted to play tennis with cars (the film went through a lot of editing).

Next up, James reviews the new Range Rover in London. The new car is completely redesigned, is 400 kg lighter due to Aluminium body, has active suspension, a new gearbox,a new minimalist dashboard, and offers better comfort. James then races it against the TerraMax at Nevada Automotive Test Centre, Nevada. The race was to a hill 10 mile across, passing through rocky terrain, hillock, mud, river and sand-tracks. TerraMax was switched to drone mode during the race to deflate the tyres and take a short-cut. The Range Rover’s automatic Terrain Response System is demonstrated. James takes a longer route to ascend the hill but still wins the race. At the studio, the trio consider the driverless cars to be not very practical.

Tonight’s Star In A Reasonably Priced Car is James McAvoy. James drove the Kia Cee’d around the Test Track with a lap of 1:43.6 despite having less experience of driving cars. He drove over a slick grassy patch in the last corner but managed to keep the car under control.

We rejoin Jeremy and Richard road-testing their car at Christchurch, Dorset. The car has large front bumpers made up of foam, large rear-view mirrors, a squeaking ball under the brake-pedal, large magnifying-glass on the dashboard,and a sat nav (voiced by Richard Briers) with only four destinatons. The car has an artificial cat on the roof which later fell over on the way to the Bingo hall. Richard later shows his system to find the location of parked car (the car activates a flare and then releases a balloon). Jeremy shows that the radio only plays Horse of the Year Show theme on a loop, which both later find to be irresistible to clap along. The name of the car is revealed to be The James. They pick up three elderly ladies from a pensioners’ home for road-testing and drive them to a bowling club where it is shown that Richard fitted the airbag at the rear for parking assist which inflates the airbag on close proximity. Jeremy and Richard buy food for picnic, choosing only British foods. They attach the shopping trolley to their built-in Tow hitch and head for a picnic. It begins to rain, and the roof of the car starts to leak. Jeremy and Richard end up choosing a picnic spot on roadside where they find the trolley to be damaged during reversing and the food to be soaked, however they ate the food which was not ruined. The next day both leave Christchurch and Jeremy shows his system to prevent the car from being driven on the wrong side of the road, the car initially sounds alarm and later the tyres, doors and other parts of the car explode which stops the car and renders it immobile. At the studio, James considers the heater to be complicated, the trio thank Richard Briers and announce the Africa special.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

James McAvoy


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