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Rear Brake Rotor Spacers for Mitsubishi Magna Ralliart


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You can’t buy rear brake rotors for a Mitsubishi Magna Ralliart any more – they simply don’t exist – and aftermarket manufacturers haven’t been making them for at least 15 years. So if you want to upgrade your Ralliart’s brakes, what do you do?

Well luckily, AWD Magna rear rotors are very similar – but to fit them to a Magna Ralliart you’ll need these spacers!

Precision machined out of 3mm alloy, these spacers are designed to accurately fit between your hub and brake rotor in order to get everything aligned correctly. They come in a set of 2 (a pair) – one for each rear rotor.

They have been designed & tested with RDA7624D rotors, but any AWD Magna rear rotors should fit (284mm diameter, 60mm height). Check out the video for a full guide of other parts you need, or refer to the list below:

**This is a DIY / use at your own risk / for off-road use only item. Please check all local laws in your area before installing and driving on the road. I’ve done my best to ensure these spacers are built to the highest quality and will perform as promised, but the installation and associated usage risks are the responsibility of the buyer.**


Magna Ralliart

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